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Race Evaluation

Alaska Festival Day 2: Red


1. Bad map reading
Along the road, past the start triangle, then through woods to bend in trail and toward control. I misread the map thinking that the control was on top of the ridge and ended up too far south. I was very confused and ended up relocating to my original attackpoint at the bend in trail.
2. South, generally along ridgeline. I caught the end of the trail and continued direct to the control.
3. Between the hills, out to the N/S trail, cut through to the E/W trail, cut through to the indistinct trail and to the control
4. NE to bend in trail, the by bearing direct to control.
5. Along the trails, then in to the control along the west side of the terrain features.
6. East to the trail, then along it to opposite the north end of the big swamp, then follow the map features to the control.
7. Along the ridgelines.
8. Did not read control code
North to the trail, past the end of the swamp, then towards the control skirting south of the hill. When I got to the control I was confused by the description that read "southern part of hill" and misread the code on my clue sheet and thought that it didn't match. I looked around and scratched my head for a while before checking the control code again and finding that it did match.
9. Past the start finish, then over the hill to the control
10. Along west side of hills and ridgeline, then up the shallow reentrant to the control.
11. Direct.
12. Direct, but ending up following along the ridgelines just east of the line.
F. Direct.

Total Time Lost - 00:09:00

Split Analysis

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