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Race Evaluation

46th Blue Hills Traverse: Traverse


1. Following Phil.
3. Lost Phil, navigated solo for parts. Straight to pipeline trail, right, then left on 2nd trail. Attacked when I noticed the rocky spur on my right.
4. SW to the 2nd trail (running N-S), to the road and across, then to the trail W of the line. I jumped off the trail at the index contour where the trail bent, and contoured across the hillside.
5. Mostly straight, but a bit R of the line until I hit the trail, which I took to almost the junction. I was with others at the control.
6. whom I followed on the short left from 5 to 6.
7. Solo. Trail N, then jumped off W to run adjacent to the stone wall until just past the T junction in the wall. Then I ran over the spur and down on a careful compass.
8. Crossed Rt 28 and got on the N-S trail west of the road. I descended from the trail when I saw a spur below me, but it was longer in the terrain than I thought it would be. I was closer to the SW curve of the swamp than I expected to be. As I neared the control, I heard movement in the swamp and pitied the poor orienteer trying to make progress through there. I wouldn't trust the vegetation boundary there, or the presence of the white area east of the control to imply that there is a frustration-free way of taking the road to within 100m of the flag.
9. Straight, behind others. Didn't notice the huge boulder on the map that was NOT the one with the flag until later. Punched after Ken W, near whom I ran a few legs.
10. At this control, I must have had a brain lapse because I thought I could pivot my Epunch out of the control. Instead, I sheared off the chip from the rest of the Epunch unit, leaving the control emitting a repeating beep-beep-beep. Then I figured it out, and wondered, what do I do with a (detachable, able-to-be-lost) chip in my hand rather than attached to me?
11. Up the path to 11, contoured over starting at the boulder. Ken was ahead but for some reason stayed on the trail longer. At the control, I put the chip into the hole, then could not remove it. So I uprooted the entire control stake, dumped the chip into my palm, and continued. I decided to put the chip into the finger of a glove. This worked well, but I worried about falling and gashing my fingertip.
12. Other runners went in multiple directions. Clint M said something about going uphill, which looked gnarly to me. I had seen Ken to NW, and decided also to go NW, though he was out of sight by the time I got the chip into the fingertip of the glove. I took the trail until it came close to the stone wall, then contoured across the hillside, counting cross-trails. One, two, three, then I ran on the 3rd trail, expecting to come to a Y-junction. There must be a new unmapped trail here because I found myself running in the U-shape on the wrong trail. Bushwhacked down across a stone wall that I couldn't see on the map and a rocky hillside until I found the blue-blazed (Skyline?) trail and reestablished contact. At the Trail X-junction near the numeral '6', I went S, then turned W at the Y-junction, jumped off at the bend and ran to the trail running N of #15. Then NW, past the swamp, where I saw Ken coming from the opposite side of the swamp ahead of me. I left the trail at the bend, taking a long time to hit the trail near 12. Ken stayed on and got to #12 before me. I saw him leaving 12 as I was approaching.
13. Followed Ken.
14. Followed Ken some more.
15. Followed Ken further, though I was losing him.
16. Ken, another guy, and I took slightly different micro-routes from 15 to 16, essentially the same leg time.
17. I passed Ken on the trail run to road, ran right of the pond and the other guy ran away from me, so I was solo by the time I reached the pond. We were close again at 17.
18. Once again behind Ken, though we were off to the right in a more major reentrant that I can't find on the map. We independently decided we were too low and found the control above and to the left of us.
19. Solo to 19, angling around the N side of the hill. At the almost 5-way junction, the other guy went left which I think was slower. I went mostly straight until the hilltop sloppy trail crossing, just N of the line, from which I went downhill on a compass and nailed the trail bend E of the control.
20. Attempted to go straight N, but missed to the W, so that when I saw the terrain to my right did not agree with what I expected near #20, I figured out that I was SW of the trail junction. Straight shot from the trail jct SW of 20, though I lost time carelessly.
21. Leaving 20, I noticed Ken ahead once again. I wasn't sure where he left the E-W trail, but I was pretty confident of my bearings.
22. Straight.
23. Leaving #22, I once again saw Ken ahead, but didn't see which way he went near the stone wall chaos. I managed to cross the fence where it was bowed to the ground S of the stone wall. Then, around on the tiny, almost invisible trail S of the control to the bend.
24. Around on the trails to the left, hugged the fence, then left the fence at a tiny yellow dot that I judged must correspond to a fire circle near a camping area. As I was going on a compass down the contours, I once again saw Ken coming in from the SE of the flag.
F. Followed Ken to the finish, on a trail in the terrain that I could not see on the map.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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