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Race Evaluation

Nobscot: Red


1. Attacked from the bend in the trail north of the control. Some hesitation.
2. Followed the stone wall; hesitation.
3. +01:00I went left of the line, followed the trail, and attacked unnecessarily through the green. Right of the line was much better.
4. Straight to the wall.
5. Past the wall junction to the trail.
6. Up the ascending trail, attacking from the trail bend, contouring around, and finally attacking from the higher of the two stone walls. The control was lower than on the map (possibly on the wrong rock feature?).
7. Around the OOB along the trail parallel to the stone wall.
8. +01:30I intended to attack via the stone wall junction just north of the circle, but I drifted far to the left while trying to go essentially straight, and was confused by the trail junctions. After about 90 seconds, I pieced things together.
9. Straight, past the marsh.
10. +00:15Rolled my ankle running down the slope. I ran to the trail and followed it to the right.
11. +00:30Straight, hesitated at the first ruin (which I thought was rocks at first glance).
12. +00:30SW to the trail (going up, not contouring), then attacked when I hit the trio of rocks on the left. Some hesitation near the control and a bad route choice (straight would have been faster).
13. Around to the right, then via the trails. I cut and charged down the steep hillside to the major trail. Some hesitation in the circle, as the pit wasn't really in a reentrant.
14. +00:15Along linear features; trail to rock wall. I hesitated at the rock wall, as I thought it was supposed to be a trail.
15. Straight to the trail, then along the trails to just east of the control. I ran up the hillside, saw the buildings, and went into the control.
F. Flying, worried about missing my (arbitrary) 50 minute goal. Audun scooped me on this leg by 10 seconds.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:00

Split Analysis

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