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Race Evaluation

Nobscot: Red


1. Trail then angling in from north
2. wall as catching
3. +00:15getting to the trail was a challenge, then cut in before wall
4. straight
5. +00:10trail then in- overshot to N
6. +00:20trail then attack from bend, climbed a couple of contours then contoured catching wall- was a tad high (NB relative to wall control was incorrectly located)
7. essentially straight, dog legging to avoid OOB
8. back to upper trail then straight attacking form wall junction
9. to trail then round- too far north near cliff
10. straight to trail /watercourse then in
11. straight picking up line of boulders
12. +00:15slog/walk up hill
13. +01:00Confused by trail system- took time to sort out
14. +00:45parallel error exiting to west instead of to trail
15. to trail then along ridge
F. around trails

Total Time Lost - 00:02:45

Split Analysis

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