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Race Evaluation

Billygoat Run at Mt. Tom: Billygoat


1. low trail
2. high trail, around 6 and down; down wasn't so good; skip 14
4. +00:20hesitation in circle
5. +05:20finger on 7, didn't make sense
7. enough stumbling around, I can run to 8; so skip this one
8. +00:10hidden by log; the Lyons were there too
11. +00:45catch Peter Goodwin then turned wrong way on trail
12. catch Peter again and we discuss skips; leave ahead of Paul Regan and George Hawes
13. +00:30from saddle 100m wnw - not as good - Paul and George beat me in
15. +01:05didn't realize it was on the ne side of the valley
16. catch the deWitts
19. rocky trail, can see Paul and George again
20. skirted green to trail; up to near crest; across to nw of rocky valley; and angled down until long cliff and shallow saddle came into view, Paul and George are making noise there
21. I lead Paul in
22. +00:20ne to trail past small stream - still a little slower than lower; decided left fork; Paul thinks I should go right with him, but I explain left gives me some walking time which I would do anyway going right
23. left; no problem

Total Time Lost - 00:08:30

Split Analysis

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