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Race Evaluation

Billygoat Run at Mt. Tom: Billygoat


1. +02:00Followed JJ like all the other idiots, got up the path & tried to get thru green, looked at map & returned to start & got on proper trail
2. +07:30never had decent map contact, finally in vicinity but of what - head scratching w/ KW, GW, Ed Despard there as well. Way too high, eventually "drifted" in the right direction
3. skipped, tired of this area, wanted out
4. now walking for the most part as hamstring was not functioning well at all - benefitted fm search for 2 on this leg
5. st, still benefitting - thru saddle & onto spur
6. st up - a crew to follow
7. to pkng lot & path & then thru woods, bit tricky at end - a lot of tricky stuff in these areas
8. pretty much st to path west & down to where descent was easier - big gp at 8, control tucked away
9. st, easy
10. w to rd, follow path & others, walking
11. w to path & then second path all way down & along w side of marsh - follow CD
12. left hand rd at jct
13. tiresome climb given leg & not into the run considering & all the best skip possibilities coming up
14. another climb, went rt at top for some loss
15. miserable descent, green & scratchy, control tucked away
16. tough climb to path, seeing alot of folks here - follow dave yee
17. stfwd
18. managed to run round entire knoll, for the fun of it - green area
19. down path, confusion where tree fell across
20. st, nice leg, pretty & demanding compass/attn - got far to left, spotted uncross marsh & corrected
21. st, pick up little path - very pretty, grassy - funky green spot
22. more neat terrain, some contours to climb!
23. jct, no problem
24. to right, but slow, bit by control, looked left, voila
F. yuk!!!!!

Total Time Lost - 00:09:30

Split Analysis

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