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Race Evaluation

2010 US Team Trials for WOC: Red Long


1. Took the trail over the mountain, missed just to the right in the swamp, didn't lose much (10s?).
2. Went around the green and the hill until the rocky reentrant, but stopped short at two rocks that I thought were the rocks higher on the hill, until I realized I was still on the flat part. Lost a fair bit there scratching my head.
3. Spike.
4. Took the trail over the mountain, spike.
5. Should have taken the trail, went straight and it was too much to process. Stopped a reentrant short and too high too, but figured it out relatively quickly. More cliffs than shown, I think.
6. Spike, saw Andrew leaving as I arrived which helped.
7. A little too far to my right, but saw Boris leaving as I arrived, which helped.
8. Trail then past 11 and 12, a little too far right again over the blueberry-slash hill, but in contact.
9. Spike. Running away from the Pavi-train.
10. Spike.
11. Slowing down a bit, fell in the river and my shoes got real heavy.
12. Spike. But a little slow, getting tired.
13. Went to the right of the cliffs, but never changed direction after passing them, reading ahead to 15 so didn't notice that immediately. Ended up on the pointy rocky nose too far southwest of the flag.
14. Spike, but a little slow. Pavi-train catching up again.
15. Trying to run away, headed left around the green stuff, found an elephant trail that was pretty fast to run on, but then it went to the right of the line, basically contouring after losing a fair bit of elevation, and I just kept running until I'd crossed the river and hit the trail junction. Should have nailed it from there, but I was walking and reading to 16 and not paying attention to where I was going, and ended up way too far to my left, on the gray blob with the rock where the hillside flattens out. Noticed the flatness and corrected, but it had been a while.
16. Contoured to the trail then took the trail up and the road down, and other trail to the control. Didn't like the climb... tired.
17. Lost at least 40s here, went back down to the trail and had to climb back up to the road.
F. Longest, brutalest finish chute EVER.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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