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Race Evaluation

WCOC / US Team A-Meet/WRE: Green Y Day 1: Middle


1. +05:00parallel error, getting on the hill to the W and finding similar looking knolls. Finally hit trail beyond #2 and headed back. Easy from there.
4. trail around to the right all the way. Kind of long, but very secure and my split was good.
8. +00:10glasses starting to fog. Didn't see the boulder when I got close, and got sucked off to the right on a larger and apparently unmapped boulder, but only lost a little
9. +06:00glasses fully fogged. Got close, going by the small pond before the control, but couldn't see the detail and ended up just wandering back and forth on the hillside until I stumbled on it.
10. +00:15Glasses got snagged by a branch and I had to fish them out of the tree.

Total Time Lost - 00:11:25

Split Analysis

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