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Race Evaluation

NOY6 - Balickera Quarry: Moderate Long


1. P D P R 1 +06:08Plan was to take a bearing. My bearing drifted a little high and I ended up in sight of a track. Decided to use the track to confirm my position and things went downhill from there - I misidentified the track that I was on, I left the track toward the control but grew concerned by the lack of a watercourse. The watercourse was missing because I was in the wrong spot, but this mistake caused issues for the rest of the course as I doubted the water features on the map. Eventually I noticed the large mounds that I was doing laps around and spotted them on my map - I was really confused about why I hadn't noticed them, and it wasn't until after I had finished that I pieced together my mistake.
2. P D P R Followed the watercourse to the control, (the creek was the catching feature, but didn't need it).
3. P D P R 3 +01:29This was a yucky leg. I didn't really pay any attention to the features of the map - except for the creek and the two crossings). My plan was okay - cross the creek and then follow it run until I hit the other creek, then look for the control. I didn't really run much as the trees made it difficult (lots of ducking and dodging). In hindsight I probably should have run a little further up the hill (30 paces) and then headed back to the second creek, then south to the control. A lot less exact, but probably faster running. Or avoiding the first creek entirely, running straight to the track and then up to the control. I really didn't enjoy this leg, but stepping back I think that was just because I made a poor route choice.
4. P D P R Ran to the road, counted 60 paces and headed back to the creek, found the control straight away.
5. P D P R I had no picture of the route. Just planned to follow the watercourse. I was a few metres from the control when I head a pair (working together) say "there is the fence", and I felt a bit silly that I hadn't even noticed the fence on the map. I found the control easily, but never seem to see everything on the map.
6. P D P R Ran directly to the road, I could have gone on a more eastern bearing but I always end up spending a great deal of time running alongside a handrail when I do that - wasting time trying to figure out where I am. So straight to the track, along the track to the corner, cut the corner to the control.
7. P D R This was a nice leg, but my bearing was off, thankfully the watercourse was easy to identify, I stopped at the watercourse, figured out where I was and it was quick up to the control.
8. P D P R Long legs on tracks aren't fun. There was no route choice at all... just get on the track and run for a while until the track splits, then run to the control. I still managed to go a bit off on the bearing... need to work on that.
9. P D P R Took a bearing, the watercourse ensured I wouldn't go to far. The control was obscured by a conveniently fallen branch.
10. P D P R Another control following the watercourse - a bit hard to get lost on this one.
11. P D P R +00:56Simple plan, poor execution. Get on the road until I come to the watercourse, I vageuly noticed a circle on the map but ignored it and ran. This is when my mistake at control 1 came back to bite me - I was convinced that a water feature on the map wasn't necessarily distinct on the ground - so I turned too early. Took me a bit to convince myself to head back to the road and to look for whatever that circle might be. Spotted the feature (a cement marker) and the water course, but wasted a minute.
12. P D P R The watercourse was a convenient catching feature, ran to it and found the control.
13. Routegadget does me a disservice on this control, and doesn't reflect what actually happened at all. I ran to the road, arrived at the junction, ran along the road (counted pages) then turned off to the control. Found it easily.
F. I nearly took off running in the wrong direction because I assumed the road would take me to the finish - lucky I checked!

Total Time Lost - 00:08:33

Split Analysis

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