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Race Evaluation

USMA West Point A-Meet 2010: Blue Long Distance


1. Around to the right of the building; clean. Spent a bit of time getting into the map.
2. North to the trail, the around on the road/trail far right of the line. I attacked from the reentrant NE of 3. Not as good a route choice as through the parking lot.
3. Straight, slow moving up the hill.
4. +01:30North, through the mountain laurel to the trail. I missed the gate opening left by about 100 meters.
5. +00:15Clipped top of the pipe, and saw the big cliffs to my right into the control. Small hesitation.
6. +01:30I left the trail too early to head for the ski slope. Slow going uphill.
7. Approximately straight, down the spur and right of the swamp.
8. +02:00Poor route choice - I went north to the fence and followed it to the first NW corner. I then struck out on a straight line through 11 to 8. Better would have been to go down through the parking lot and attack from the lot south of 11.
9. Straight and clean, but slow.
10. Right of both marshes, used the cliffs above ten as reference. Clean, but slow.
11. Straight down the hill, clean.
12. +03:00Another major error; I ran past the big cliff face south of 8, then failed to turn far enough south. I passed over the small saddle between 12 and 8 and kept going west.
13. +01:00Slow coming out of 12, also had some difficulty interpreting the cliffs at 13. I was a bit high.
14. I stopped to take a GU at 13, then went straight to 14.
15. A good route choice; I went north to the fence, then up the reentrant NE of 3 to the trail. I followed the trail around to the building W of 15 and attacked from there. Clean, but slow.
16. Down left of the hill into the reentrant between the little hill and the big cliff SW of 16. Clean and rocky.
17. I twisted my left ankle leaving 16 and hobbled over to 17, leading a group of 3 or 4 older people.
18. East to the trail, then around. Still recovering from the ankle impact.
19. +01:00I went far to the right because I thought the wall was uncrossable. Clean from the road into the flag.
20. Straight. For some reason, I couldn't stop sneezing on this leg - perhaps I'm allergic to some vegetation in this part of the map.
21. Flying down the spur.
22. Straight, clean.
F. Fast.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:15

Split Analysis

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