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Race Evaluation

CSU: Park-o - Stonehurst: Blue


2. Missed a bit to the right.
4. Ran trails to the northern end to locate the big/small hill combo and ran on a bearing. Missed the control, came back, followed JJ up, then retraced my steps. Still missed. Finally saw someone punching (well not really because there was no punch).
5. Hit W side south of where I thought, got confused.
6. Got confused by contours at control.
11. helpful parking lot
13. Stupid. Overran the control, found a well at the N end of a marsh. Since I lost my control sheet, wasn't sure and punched. Ran S to houses (not the finish!) Went to the finish and figured it out with some help. What a maroon.
F. West around the marsh (reversing the way I came in) Nice course. Thanks, Will.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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