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Race Evaluation

CSU: Park-o - Stonehurst: Blue


1. Contoured
2. Countoured, then straight. Missed slightly to the right.
4. +05:00Confused by certain unmapped trails and stone walls. Punched 10 at 8:00. Finally found pond and navigated from there.
5. +03:00Didn't read topography correctly. Ran around with Sanna for a while.
6. +01:30Did not stick to plan. Disturbed by others.
10. A bit too far to the left.
11. +00:30Curved left, got into some nasty green.
12. Contoured
13. Curved right via road - lost a few seconds on JJ and Pia.
F. West around marsh. JJ found a faster route on the east side I think.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:00

Split Analysis

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