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Race Evaluation

USMA West Point A-Meet 2010: Red/Blue Sprint


1. I was a bit too reactive on the first leg.
2. I perhaps could have cut to the road earlier.
6. I was splitting my direction between where I thought the control should be (lower on the slope) and a visible rootstock until I actually saw the control.
8. It was perhaps unnecessary to go around the building.
9. I had good, quick reaction on this leg and the next one.
11. People cheered me up in the parking lot.
12. I knew about the bridge from... well, having walked to the registration and back, but was still caught a bit off-guard by its railings.
13. The light-gray building to the far N confused me (I couldn't find it on the map for a while), as I see it did others.
14. I could have went on the other side, more straight.
16. Here's where I start to lose memory. I'm not entirely sure I went below the cliff out of the control (most likely did), or that I went through the building (probably did). This was a fast leg. for me, so it's both understandable and disappointing to not remember.
18. I am pretty sure I did what I drew in RG; continued in the same direction after Control 17, and then hit the main road. I recall seeing the people massing up for the start, then looking at the map and expecting to see the sports fields with the fences, not seeing them, remembering where the assembly for the start was, then just seeing the finish in the terrain and working from there. I should have reinforced my memory by immediately looking at the map after the finish, and looking at the people doing this leg/at the terrain after my finish. In any case I don't recall ever going down the slope with cliffs the straight way most people went.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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