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Race Evaluation

USMA West Point A-Meet 2010: Or/Br/Gr Sprint


1. (w/o map, can't find) to road, past fence area & pick correct structure
2. +01:15took bearing fm corner of bldg/pipeline-path jct to control, passing a CP on the only boulder enroute, which took me some 25 deg to left of mapped site/ CP#2, (went back later)- also mapped as being several lines higher, but was about 4' higher than boulder I'd gone by 35m away - as I could see one boulder to the other. Was way to S at one pt, checking out every rock I could find:)
3. +01:00flubbed this, not careful - went to mapped RS to SW, but did not pick up on that up
4. pick the bldgs careflly
5. ditto
6. ditto
7. from 7, ran to 10
8. +01:30came fm 10, making it a most enjoyable leg:(
9. ok, straight
10. return, knew its location only too well
11. did not get confused with #7
12. picked my way among bldgs w/o error
13. ditto
14. ditto
15. to left
F. hurry best one can - there were several opportunities to learn some of the course - eg,1, 7 & 8, 10, 15 had one cared to/paid attn

Total Time Lost - 00:03:45

Split Analysis

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