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Race Evaluation

USMA West Point A-Meet 2010: Blue Middle Distance


1. I went high. I didn't read the map enough on the trail out of the start, and so had to stop halfway to find all the reentrants I needed/used for navigation on the map.
3. I ran alongside Sergey Gnatiouk, but he was not on my course.
5. I went conservatively wide, avoiding all green and having a rock-solid idea of where I was. Seeing how many people had problems on this leg, I think the 40 or so seconds AP thinks I have lost were well worth it.
6. I went around because I didn't think my skills would be sufficient to nail this smoothly going downhill. I'd have to stop and walk.
8. I was quite reactive on this leg, but kept moving.
9. I passed Brendan, who seemed to not be in much hurry. At the end of the leg, I found someone who I didn't know poking around the cliff.
12. This other runner passed me right at the beginning of the uphill trail run, and I never saw him again. I was doing well on the sidehill until I confused the field of vertical green lines with the major reentrant N of the control, and ran down a steep slope whereas I should have descended more gradually. I don't think this cost me much.
14. I initially wanted to go along the major road, but seeing that the woods weren't too green or rocky, changed my mind and continued inside the forest.
F. Some kids and then Chuck Ferguson were in my way on the rocky portion of the run-in.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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