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Race Evaluation

USMA West Point A-Meet 2010: Blue Middle Distance


1. I had a clean, if tentative route to 1 while getting into the map. I went low, just left of the swamp, and attacked up the reentrant.
2. +00:30Slow crossing the stream and getting up the little hill. I had a small hesitation, but was otherwise clean.
3. +00:20North to the big line of cliffs, then up onto the small plateau and into the flag. Small hesitations.
4. +00:30I went right of the marsh and left of the cliff on the line, but I was too high approaching the circle. Seeing the little hills to my right, I pieced things together.
5. I went past the knoll with the north cliff face and down the spur. Saw Katia ahead of me.
6. I went very nearly straight - across the marsh, up the reentrant, past the three cliffs to my left that I used as handrails, and down the reentrant into the control. The vegetation and climb were sluggish, but my route was clean.
7. Down the spur; rocky.
8. I went right of the big cliffs, left of the marsh just SW of three, and down the spur into 8. It was clean, if perhaps suboptimal.
9. I skirted the southern edge of the marsh, then went up the hill until I could see the rock wall to my right. I used that as a handrail into the control. The hill was very slow.
10. +01:00Leaving 9, I started going to 12 and moved up the hill 10 vertical meters before I noticed my error. Otherwise clean, if somewhat hesitant on my approach.
11. Straight; I saw the flag from some distance.
12. Straight over the hill. My stamina was disappointingly low on the uphill, though I was fast on the downhill section.
13. I charged down the hill and attacked via the rock wall junction.
14. Straight.
F. Fast.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:20

Split Analysis

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