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Race Evaluation

Billygoat Run: Billygoat


1. Down the reentrant and over the bridge, but was then forced to go high and through all the reentrants. Lots of company.
2. Probably the longest continuos walk I've ever done in an O event. Followed George Walker, with Steve Tarry to my left
3. Sucked left by George I think. Then ran the trail north a bit too long probably. People left the trail in lots of different places.
4. Group decision to use the trail. Followedgroup of about five with Terry Keegan and Susan DeWitt. They all left the trail too early. I knew it was "on top" and punched first.
5. Down the ridge to the trail past 8, around the road bend (slow stony running) and went in too high heading for the cliff top. Read the control description almost too late.
6. Up the old alpine slide with various people including Jim Henderson who I think I ran the rest of the race with.
7. Caught the Bundschuh group along here. At some point I decided to skip 14 because I'd been in there on Saturday (and in previous years) and knew it was unforgiving and very up and down terrain.
8. Nasty green protecting the control. I went a bit around trying to avoid it.
9. Bounced off the road.
10. First major route choice, I opted for the trail to the north all the way. With Charlie DeWeese, Sam Levitin, Jim Henderson, and Terry Keegan through all this. I was behind them until they all stopped at the crossroad, where I took the lead. Nasty going down to the control, where we picked up a woman I don't know.
11. I opted to contour to the road and then stay low, approaching via 13 and 12. Lead the group below the first green patch and above the second, trying to stay on the flatter stretches.
12. Rocky going both ways. Maybe should have stayed lower.
13. Nice woods just reversing our route.
14. Skipped. A risky area if alone and mycket jobbigt.
15. Dropped through the upper part of cutover, but more or less the same route as coming in. Me still in the lead. Never heard any comments about whether I did a lousy job. Hit the road low and had a long walk/run up, going past the cliffs and attacking from the north. Slight trouble, good thing visibility was good. Jim and I apparently lost the others going up the road.
16. Picked up a crowd at 15 and followed Pavlina and Viktoria Brautigam, Deb Humiston, and others over the bridge.
17. Couldn't keep up with my new pack on the trail/road.
18. Pavlina's group skipped 18. Deb and some others went into the marsh. Jim and I went south of the marsh through only a little thick and tippy-toed our way across some logs, barely getting our feet wet. We heard a couple of screams from the marsh people, but they were stil ahead of us going into the control. Must have passed Ken Walker Sr here while he was bumbling around north of the control.
19. Following Deb, Sam Levitin, and others dragging up the hill.
20. A tree grabbed my headband leaving 19 and by the time I retrieved it the gang was down the hill and pulling away, though Jim was still behind. Ken passed me at some point. Went into the control very carefully trying not to cramp.
F. Nice of Jim not to push me at the end. A decent race for me, achieving my goal of finishing without cramping and with no real mistakes.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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