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Race Evaluation

Billygoat Run: Billygoat


1. Well - guessed the start location at least. Then they said go, I looked at the map then up and everyone was gone. Headed up reentrant, down to wall, thru Mt laurel to trail. Decided to head back to bridge as not sure about stream crossing and too early to get wet feet. Then follwed Peter Goodwin and train into control.
2. Trudge to 2. Charlie asked about skip. I had looked and figured 4, 6, or 14. He thought 4 or 6 which planted the seed. Counted lines and 4 looked greater but didn't consider the slower O.
3. More slog to L around green to trail, up reentrant around knoll and in. Mostly alone but Phil HT to left and many to R.
4. Skip
5. Headed out to L with Kirsten Beggs on heels. Part way along I said I was skipping 4 to her surprise. I was flying and felt good about the O. Contoured around to trail bend, bounced back to next trail curve just below rocky slope. See 3 charging down from 9 including John F? Slogged up loose talus and straight in. Perfect. Kirsten held on.
6. More slog in train behind Jeff and Sam Saeger. Left just as Pav and others came in.
7. Roared dwn spur and at last minute saw bag to R. Oops almost.
8. Down to trail and around green and in. Think Deb Humisten was on my heels here.
9. Down spur to L with Deb right behind me. Needed to slow to check map but fraid I'd be bowled over. Wound up low and circled nose and back up.
10. Trail to T. L around green and in butkept going down reentrant into green, should have gone up rise betw cliffs but they looked huge at a glance. Now realize that was how I went to 3. Deb and Kirsten still following. Made it thru green, over to trail and down just before rocks/cliffs.
11. Headed high here and was alone from here on. Saw John F as I went below 15. Went thru terrain of Sat short, in fact passed 7th control. Slow going but was fun. Read terrain perfectly contouring around and finally to L of final hill past small marsh and down rocky grd. Saw various people heading to 14 incl Joe B. 2nd gu at water.
12. Trouble reading terrain and left going L and low and had to climb up a bit thru rocks. Punched just as Paul Bennet went by, and then the Tryson/Bundshuh group.
13. Followed Jeff Saeger to bag. He left to L so guessed he was skipping 14.
14. Probably a better skip time wise but this was the best, most tech of all the controls. Basically followed route to 11 back, passed Sat 7 again, up reentrant, around knoll and there it was!
15. Continued contouring around, hit trail a bit high, dropped to saddle, down across 2 streams and reentrants. Hit road across from trail. Followed trail just as Jeff Schapiro was climbing cliffs. Went around cliffs and in. Grabbed water and as I left, asked Jeff, who had immediately grab water, if he had punched - oops.
16. Fast run down to brdge.
17. Ran grass across dam seeing Sharon heading across, then into woods to bag just as Charlie came in.
18. Headed to R to cross on beaver dam and downed log. Feet dry but got caught in rose thorns. Helps to have mapped it. Up slope and see Terry K ahead and Jeff Saeger further ahead. Hustle and punch just after Terry and a girl(?)
19. Terry head R along slope. I head straight upspur across wall, betw hills and in, see noone. Have I lost them or are they long gone?
20. Hit road around rocky slopes. Cross dam on grass (feet sore) and push, sure that Terry is ahead and Charlie will be charging. And Jeff? See him leaving control beyond reach but push to get others.
F. Leave control as Charlie approaches and Terry much further back. Push as know Charlie can motor when he wants but make it in. Great fun. Good course. 5 was probably a better skip but that's that. 14 was really slow but real fun so glad I went that way.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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