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Race Evaluation

Billygoat Run: Billygoat


1. +00:30Like Mike! I glued myself to his train, and got sucked up and down too many hills on the NW side of the swamp after the bridge
2. Follow the train up the hill. The pack ahead isn't sure and goes a little high.
3. Started reading the map, as we walked uphill. Fell behind a bit and drifted left of line, discussed skips (including 10) with anyone that could hear me :) High road L of where I would have navigated myself, but then attacked well by picking up a bit of trail, and following line through gap (pack ahead went left and traversed on steeper stuff than neccesary.) So I caught up, (but was still behind Katarina and a few others.)
4. Uphill to saddle following Katarina, Wil & Vadim, then I bailed NW to trail as I thought the solid trail and no navigation would help uphill. It did, as I came into 4 ahead of the entire pack I was near (and still have the leading attackpoint split with 31 posts - not the leaders though...)
5. Feeling good to be in the lead of the pack, I take off hard, but know I'll get caught as I navigation slightly downhill. Aimed off right a little, then traversed, saw 8. Heard someone catching up & thought it was Kenny. On the way down the road and looked back and saw it was Vadim. Alone with Vadim at 5, someone coming along behind.
6. Feeling pretty good to have lost the pack from 3 & 4 (I didn't know that many of them went to 6), I pushed uphill hard. I saw Mark Adams up ahead and issued a verbal challenge. (We, Vadim & I, were successful in catching him at 8, and passing him by 11...). Going up the hill, I saw people streaming back and forth up high and realized they'd skipped 5. I saw Katarina, Mihai & Greg up hill. Mark Adams was leaving the forest as Vadim & I went into the forest. Vadim was with me the rest of the way. I was leading/navigating most of the way, but he was very helpful as a running buddy and when I was getting uncertain/lost, he usually had some clue where we were to help out.
7. Pushing hard out of 6, I'm hoping to catch sight of Mark and follow him to 7. No luck. I did see Peter coming back toward us (skipping 6) about halfway to 7. A little hestiant running down the hill.
8. Time includes water. Barreling down the hill I caught a rare glimpse of Mark, and so did Vadim, and between the two of us we did okay, getting the the control & water just as Mark was leaving.
9. +00:30Don't see Mark so just take off downhill hoping to see him. about 150m E of 8, Vadim says the road is way over to the right, and I realize we are going the wrong way. Veer hard R and see Mark leaving control area.
10. +00:45Trail mostly, gaining on Mark a little, catch him on the ridgeline. Mark dropped a little faster off the ridgeline and Vadim stuck with me. After rocks at end of rideline I contour downhill, and then go through really long saddle, thinking I'm going through the small saddle. I realize it's pretty long, and figure out where I am by the end and confirm at the marsh. Angle down more, hitting trail, but it seems awfully small, and Vadim says it's not a real trail. Continue on downhill traverse and we hit the rocky ledge. From there we turn hard right, then down the spur and got it. Unfortunately, Mr. Z tells us that Mark is already through.
11. Diagonal down and out, past parking area, and then back up a little passing close to the boulder that is only on the Short course map. Traverse, climb a little, up the reentrant to 13. Go around and climb a bit, and see Mark above us on hillside, AND several people coming back toward us (Katarina and train & Ross.) Near 11 I see Greg B. coming out (and I recall he's skipped already.) Got stuck in the cliffs on the way down so Vadim & Mark beat me to bag.
12. Hard run back as I'd seen 12 on the way to 11.
13. Led to 13 as well, Vadim right with me, Mark a little back, no one in front.
14. +02:15Traverse out of 13, not climbing nearly as much as planned. Hit some pond that's not on the map, perhaps behind the terrace/cliff thing. I ask Vadim if he knows where we are and he's lost too. I keep pushing on traverse figuring that if I can't relocate soon, I'll just skip 14, and use the road to find 15. About 1/2way to 14, I notice I'm at clearing ~250m west of line. That's not too bad so I aim west through creek junction flat, then up reentrant, then NW contouring around and going up reentrant, not noticing the small reentrant on left, and going up to the top spur 100m N of control. Figure it out quickly and run toward 14, angrily noticing Mark Adams at bag. On the way down (across the cliff) we jumped down two large stairs created by ~0.5m diamater downed trees. Partway down, I notice the second tree is almost 2m in the air, and I'm running quickly downhill using it as a step. 3 seconds later, a scream behind me tells me that Vadim got the same Adrenaline rush I did.
15. skip.
16. Follow Mark out toward 15 for 50 m, then down, down the stream. Follow stream bottom (a little trashy, but not having the think downhill helps.) Veer to trail (a little poorly), then down road toward 16. On the way, we see Nik, Mike & Brent, and later Eddit & Jon, on the way to 20. Wow.
17. Saw Katarina & pack coming out of 16 on trail so we knew we were close and pushed hard toward 17. I stuck to road until ~100m W of bag and nailed it.
18. Jump one stream, through the trashy swamp, walked across a floating log. It didn't float when I was on it. Boy were my legs cold after I clawed my way out. (They were still cold when I finished...) 5 seconds later I hear Vadim fall in. I don't know if he tried a different log, or just couldn't let me get away and so jumped in... Still no sign of Katarina & co.
19. Exitting 18 with Vadim, I see Ross coming in. And I know he's fast. Ack! Vadim & I push hard. Vadim tries to pull ahead, but I aim left of main ridgeline and confidently attack the right hill.
20. Off cliff to parking then road around and down, through finish area & stream. On road near trail I see Wil pop out, then Katarina, the Andy just as I go in. Andy is dismayed that he is falling behind Katarina. Vadim pulls ahead and punches ~3 seconds ahead.
F. Turning around I see Ross coming in. Oh no, Ross is fast in the chute. I run as hard as I can, and tell Vadim to run hard (to stay ahead of Ross, and not to stick with me...) As road bends, I look back and don't see Ross. I've got it! Still pushing hard, I finish ~7 seconds behind Vadim, and am a amazed to see Ross just 3 seconds later... Very, very fun race.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:00

Split Analysis

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