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Race Evaluation

Billygoat Run: Billygoat


3. Saw George Walker leaving 2, but couldn't keep up.
4. Thought about skipping this, but it looked like easy navigation, and a trail run to 5. I saw Marty Hawkes-Teeter coming out of 3 back toward 2, so maybe he skipped this. Followed Scott Turner much of the way.
5. Got behind a group including Rich Nietupski, but they climbed up on top of the cliff, while I went down and around and got ahead of them
6. Caught up to Tony Federer, Jim Henderson, Terry Keegan and Sam Levitin on the way up the hill. Up the road, cut across just above the little pond.
7. Behind Federer and company, struggling to stay on.
8. Glen and Rob Tryson caught me around here.
9. With Pavi a bit. Took a stick in the eye which slowed me down.
10. Saw a glimpse of Henderson in the distance so I motored to catch up. Only problem was I didn't know where I was. The pack seemed happy, though.Now that I see where we went, I would have gone straighter on my own.
11. Stayed relatively low, trying to hang on, but once I got to the slash area I started tripping and falling a lot. Ray Cheung passed me here. Went by 13 and 12 on the way and saw many of the earlier runners, including Ken Walker Sr leaving 13.
12. Easy
13. Easy
14. I was going to skip this, but Henderson & co. skipped it and I wanted to be alone. Got too far up the hill,and was slow, but found it Ok. Saw Steve Tarry behind me at one point. Met up with Paul Bennett at the control.
15. With Paul. This was another potential skip, but Paul was going to it and I was high enough. If I'd been alone I probably would have skipped. Saw Jeff Saeger and Alex Jospe at the control.
16. Skip
17. Sweet. Downhill run to a yellow control. Just what I needed at the time. Footsteps behind, which apparently belonged to Jeff. Caught up to George Walker at the control
18. Really stumbling now. Couldn't keep up with George. Jeff passed me somewhere, as I saw him leaving the control.
19. Caught and passed Terry K and Alex Jospe at or after the control.
20. Trying to catch George, but he's too far away.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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