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Race Evaluation

U.S. Championships: Red X


1. down hill to the trail, ran the trail around edge of first green hill and in off (dry) pond
2. Underrated difficulty
Did not like map
Could not relocate
ran the ridge, pick up crags, cut down, and lost contact, not sure how. Lost 14? minutes trying to relocate.
3. around immediate hill to the right, then straight at it attacking off trail bend picking up deep reentrant on way in
4. picked up clearing and trail on ridge, cut over to other trail intending to attack off trail bend but never saw other trail; went in with a prayer and reading the hills
6. trail below gravel, cross small dam, follow stream
7. straight over hill between roped off junk, picked up clearings
8. a little to the left picking up clearing and saddle in final hill complex; found other control in reentrant first
9. stream, pond, up and over reading the hills
11. straight up using streamered stone wall, then picked up ruined stone wall in strong reentrant then first distinct tree
12. ran the right ridge
13. beautiful forest for the run in

Total Time Lost - 00:14:00

Split Analysis

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