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Race Evaluation

WCOC A Meet and Intercollegiates: Red Day 1


1. S-1 I left my watch at the hotel. I ran to the start a bit late and got there about two minutes before my call-up. Daniel Schaublin was to start 4 minutes behind. Down the trail and then up as I saw a reentrant ahead. I pushed up right past the control on the rock. Near the top, I pushed a step too hard and felt some pulling on my achilles before getting to the control. Going into this, I felt very out of shape and overweight.
2. 1-2 I ran to the trail and cut right, through the wall and left down the hill. I cut right near the bottom and cut across the green slash where it was thin and not difficult. I was surprised to see the control so soon, not yet used to the 1:10,000 scale.
3. 2-3 I took the high route hugging the ridge and found an unmarked indistinct trail.
4. +00:203-4 I set a bearing but was off to the left a bit. Pulling-up at the right spot, I finally decided to go up and soon saw it.
5. 4-5 Back to the trail, almost the way I'd come in, I crossed the marsh at the bottom and ran along with it on my right and using the formline knoll to spike it.
6. 5-6 Through the saddle, I ambled down, using the road and stream to head to the rock. I was a little bit surprised to see the control so quick.
7. 6-7 Staying on the right at first, I got caught-up in the thorns, backed out and cut down and across the stream. Using the confluence as a clue to climb and avoid the green, I walked up the steep rocky area. I decided to cut through the green in the thin area but probably was higher. I cut left and hit the trail. Surprised, I found the reentrant from there w/no problem.
8. 7-8 Slogging up the hill, I crossed the trail near the sharp bend and curled in from there.
9. +03:008-9 I tried to contour around but pulled-up short but on target. It was poor map reading for me not to realize it was further down. I was rushing. Not seeing it, perhaps distracted by some others who were higher and probably on another course, I climbed to a distinct boulder near the top with a control that was near the trail. Now more confused, I went almost along the ridge to another distinct rock and control that happened to be right off the trail. I came back down right to the real control after that.
10. +00:209-10 Straight there but I stopped between the cliffs (at another control?). Again I wasn't convinced it was so far down.
11. 10-11 I went out straightish along the flat. I only made about two steps on the trail before picking my way along the bottom of the cliffs. Somewhere along here (I think?) I cut away a bit unsure of which spur it was on so I went down the reentrant between two. I saw it on my right and also saw Andy Hall coming from below the hill to the same control. I didn't realize he was running Blue.
12. 11-12 I aimed-off left a bit to get to the trail above the intersection. I followed it to the ridge and cut left around the downfallen tree, having afterward to go around it to get to the control.
13. +00:1012-13 I aimed off right a bit to get to the trail before the intersection. At the intersection, I cut right, down the hill. Turning left into the wood, I slipped on a wet stick and slammed to the ground, landing on my face--my head bounced on soft dirt thanfully. started to go down and around the rock at the bottom but changed course to cut up and across. Down and around was quicker.
14. 13-14 As I left, I saw Alar Ruutopold and Daniel getting to the control. I stopped at the trail, coming to it perpendicularly. Not seeing the dotted line under the control line on the map I made the right choice but was very tentative, not sure if the control was on the left or right side. I didn't look at the control description with Alar and Daniel right behind. I figured it out and ran to the edge of the field and punched.
F. 14-F I curved in, climbing a bit, then dropping in. I didn't want to sprint all-out because of my achilles but stayed ahead of Alar and Daniel.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:50

Split Analysis

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