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Race Evaluation

CSU Spring Training Camp #1: Night-o


1. I ran the course with Andrew and Ethan; I took the lead on this control and followed Ross and Brendan.
2. I again "led," basically following Ross and Brendan most of the way, and navigating after they were out of sight.
3. We skipped 3.
4. Skipped.
5. Skipped.
6. Skipped.
7. Skipped.
8. (Coming from control 2), Andrew led on this one, leading over the hill between 1 and 8 to the marsh SW of the control, where we noted our miss.
9. Ethan led into 9; we ran from 8 to the big trail, to the small trail, and via the rock to the hilltop. We overshot slightly.
10. I led on this leg; I ran through the green to the trail, over the hill to the green marsh left of the line, then to the boulder pair on the control circle, where Andrew saw the control.
11. Andrew led on this leg, taking us around the fjord up the hill. I wanted to go farther right to get around the fjord, but I was off.
12. Ethan led; we passed the rock enclosure, which was momentarily confusing.
13. I led on this leg, straight up the spur.
14. As I recall, Andrew led on this leg, taking us basically straight.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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