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Race Evaluation

CSU Spring Training Camp #1: Saturday Simplification


1. +03:00I navigated into the circle fine, but then struggled to interpret the boulder features. The marsh was too big and vague to use to pinpoint my position. Ethan caught up to me and found the control.
2. Ethan was a bit ahead of me, and Andrew catching up from behind. We all three took slightly different routes around the hill - Andrew was low, Ethan high, and I was in the middle. I punched first.
3. Clean, but sluggish.
4. +00:30I messed up on my route - I planned, to go through the saddle right of the line, but drifted farther right. The marsh was a sufficient recovery.
5. +04:00I was just behind Andrew; we both drifted south, partly because of an unmapped pond in a depression (the terrain was wet). I figured things out, went back up the hill and reattacked successfully.
6. Clean attack via the saddle just north of the control.
7. +02:00I really struggled with water features on this leg, since I had planned to use marshes as checkpoints. I was very confused and zigged to try to check out features. Bad map reading.
8. I attacked via the pond south of the control; about 100 m from the control, I saw Jeff Schapiro en route to 9.
9. A very wet route; I crossed a thigh deep pond, but was clean.
10. I saw Jeff Schapiro and moved to catch up, but I lacked the energy for a burst of speed, he was moving too well, and he punched first.
11. I was clean on my route, but the marsh 150 m east of the control confused me. Fortunately, there was a prominent boulder that I used to piece things together. Slow.
12. Clean and straight, up the hill. I saw Alex near the control.
13. +01:00Possibly because of my desire for haste given Alex's presence, I messed up 13 by missing right of the hill with the three boulders (which I had planned to pass on the left). Parallel error; Alex and I reached 13 at about the same time.
14. I went straight up and over the hill; it was very tiring, but the attack was easy. Around the north might have been better given my weak fitness.
15. I was slogging along the hills SE of the control when I heard Sam below me, moving well. I saw Ali (whom I mistook for Brendan from far away) reach 15 ahead of me, and I put on some speed to try to stay ahead of Sam.
16. I saw Ali almost swim across the marsh north of the control, and I moved a bit right to cross at a shallower point. It was fortuitous; the marsh was wider than mapped, and I figured out the contours immediately after crossing, which led me straight into the control, passing Ali.
17. I knew Sam was just behind me, so I pushed hard up the spur, but got confused by the marshes. I cross the path, hit the peanut-shaped hill, and went over the saddle into the control. Some hesitation at the end.
18. I was desperately trying to stay ahead of Sam, whom I could hear behind me, so I rocketed past the pond and the wall into the flag.
19. I almost lost it on this one; Sam took a better route, but I managed to brute force it into punching a few seconds ahead of her.
F. I then took off down the hill as fast as my failing legs could carry me. Sam (who seemed to be almost jogging) and I met up at the bottom.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:30

Split Analysis

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