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Race Evaluation

CSU Spring Training Camp #1: Saturday Control Picking


1. +00:10Attacked down the spur via the small hill on the edge of the circle, but I hesitated somewhat on the route.
2. +00:30I executed my route fine, but I was somewhat confused by the marsh halfway on the route.
3. Clean, attacked via the pacman hill.
4. A fast leg; I ran down the spur cleanly.
5. +01:00I passed the house-sized boulder, then drifted too far to the left, overshooting my attack. I hadn't read the detail clearly enough near the circle.
6. Cleanish, but slow.
7. +00:20I made a parallel error and entered the reentrant just to the east of the control before realizing my mistake.
8. +02:15I didn't fully understand my error at this control until I checked my garmin track; I drifted far too the south (bad compass?), checking out the hill halfway to 9 before doubling back to the control.
9. Clean, over the hill down into the reentrant.
10. I aimed to attack off the long pond halfway to 10, but I probably just should have gone straight.
11. +01:20I hit the green marsh as planned, but then drifted too far to the left past the control before looking up behind me and seeing it. I hadn't read the map detail sufficiently.
12. Clean sidehill attack.
13. +02:30The circles for 12 and 3 almost touched, and I ran to the flag at 3 first before noticing the lack of a '1'. I doubled back through 12 and really struggled reading the detail and myriad hilltops near 13. I stumbled on the control almost by accident, helped by Ethan Childs.
14. Straight and fast, unwisely motivated by Ethan's presence. The control was nestled against a lake, so it was very safe.
15. +00:20Attacked via the pond, but I was too high and saw the control down and to my left.
16. +02:30A rough control - I ran up the reentrant, but didn't sufficiently interpret the contours near 16, and I was too low. I stumbled around a bit before going south and relocating off a marsh. On the reattack, I was clean.
17. Straight and fast.
18. Clean. Giovanni was nearby.
19. +00:20I missed a bit left, though I don't think I had a good attackpoint (in hindsight, I would use the reentrant just W of the control).
20. Attacked via the boulder cluster. Clean.
21. +00:40Ran into the circle, then stopped and hesitated 5 m to the west of the control to try to make sense of the boulders. I figured things out and punched.
22. I struggled through the green; I don't think running around made that much sense, but surely there was a faster way than that which I took - as straight as I could through the veg.
23. Straight.
24. +00:30Around the left of the hill with a boulder on top, past the triple boulder knoll, across the reentrant and down into the control. Slow to read the map; I didn't have a good plan when I started.
25. Straight via the boulder line; very clear.
26. +00:20I don't have a good reason for being so slow on this leg, except the features were abruptly more subtle than they had been on the course, and I hesitated. I used the boulders near the line, and was more right than I had planned. Nevertheless, I was clean into the circle.
27. Straight to the top of the hill. Very straightforward. Noticed Lori nearby.
28. Motivated by seeing someone else (Lori), I pushed hard down through some veg to 28. Clean.
29. +00:15I attacked via the spur, though I hesitated a little making sense of the various knolls and knoll-like boulder clusters. Clean.
30. Attacked via the saddle on the edge of the control circle. Clean.
31. Attacked via the huge boulder, over the hill and into the knoll. Clean.
32. Attacked via the reentrant and pair of boulders.
33. Straightish.
34. Via the pond to my right; straight.
35. Straight.
F. Noticed a cluster of manz at the finish; I used them as my attackpoint.

Total Time Lost - 00:13:00

Split Analysis

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