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Race Evaluation

DVOA Warwick: Red


1. +00:10Ran too slow - should've taken advantage of the easier footing in the field
2. +00:10Hesitated. No bearing, just slope-angle made me hesitant. Take bearing!
3. High to avoid rocks, then down to trails around and in.
4. +00:05Drifted left/flat - should've held a better compass
5. Hesitant and didn't see stones - Magnus said he followed them right up to the bag...
6. Trying to actually make up for slow forest pace on the trail.
7. +00:30Stood around @ 6. Don't recall why. I do recall retying both shoes at different times, and splashing some water on my head at the stops, wondering why the water was brown...
8. +00:20Cut in too early, but made the best of it, noticing the bottom of the hill. In retrospect, and even during the leg, going all the way to the junc. SSE of 8 looks better.
9. +00:05Overcompensated after being pushed by vegetation - should've rechecked compass
10. Let Magnus take me on a hill again...
11. +00:30Didn't climb enough, and lost track of distance after a shoe retie
13. Felt awful slow getting out to the field, but hammered the field
14. Straight, adjusting at the trail/platforms
15. +01:30Trail mapping was a big vague, and I wasn't concentrating very well, just thinking about running to try to catch Angelica, and then about some other running thing, then saw a bend, perhaps unmapped (that newly added trail is flaky) and dove off down the wrong line of rocks to a flag, not mine. Continued contouring (not even sure I hadn't overshot), found another bag, punched, and it still wasn't my code, figured out where that was and dropped, finally, to my bag. Yuck

Total Time Lost - 00:03:20

Split Analysis

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