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Race Evaluation

OOC Wesley Clover Parks Classic Event: LA


1. I started slow and crossed the creek parallel to the ditch, eventually realising I had to back across creek.
2. trail run
3. I considered jumping fence to bike path but then just used ski trail.
5. There was a trail up slope I could/should have used.
6. First of three legs through this section of map. I took things slow, taking off my one torso layer and packing it.
7. nice long trail run
8. on off trail
9. I had trouble getting knee down slope but I did use lowland as much as possible.
10. I climbed straight away but started seeking way too early.
11. Apparently this was my best leg. I stayed high on nasty footing and now knew who to watch for ahead.
12. I picked up a place for best position in race but I couldn't hold placing.
13. Through the centre again, I drifted right and started looking way too early. Other runner was my motivation to keep going.
14. I headed E to rail parallel trails and got to control same time as other runner going overland.
15. S on trail, then W to campground but messed up by road with fence through it, overshot control, backtracked and arrived same time as other runner.
16. Straight run, brought over other runner.
17. Nature pushed me north to stay dry and had to swing back S to a control I had already glimpsed twice earlier in course.
18. long trail run
19. I hit this well enough to lose other runner until after finish. Slowed for my only calories in race.
20. took out cell phone
21. let M know I had only 5 controls left
22. got messed around by double track to sod house not yet on map
24. footing across open field was just plain nasty.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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