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Race Evaluation

Blue Hills: Traverse


1. Followed crowd south of pondthen right of hill to second trail where J-J came in from right. Intended to go north of marsh but got sucked by people around to south on trail.
2. To west on trail below cliffs. Straight to control from trail junction past scattered Norwich cadets scratching their heads in the flat area.
3. South side of marsh.
4. Hung up briefly by boulders at first knoll off the trail. Still not thinking 1:15.
5. Trail. Saw one or two people leaving control but otherwise alone from 3 to 7.
6. Uphill to FIRST southwest trail to road, then Z'd on trail through the fence and contoured in from northeast. West approach now looks better.
7. Didn't read control description and went to bottom of south cliff.
8. Trail to west tip of Great Cedar Swamp then due west to control
9. All the way around to north on trail. AnNything to avoid an extra meter of climb!
10. Watched Jeff Shapiro run way north on the road - hoepfully he was planning to cut across the narrow green strip. Contoured to boulder at wall.
11. Straight. Took my time eating GU, drinking water, and chatting with Saeger.
13. Checked my compass leaving 12, looked way down the hill and saw the control right on my line. Maybe first time I've ever seen next control from the previous one.
14. NW to trail. Finally passed on the road a guy I don't know whom I'd been running with since before 9. His style - run and stop. My style - slow and steady. I contoured in.
15. W through marsh.
16. E side of pond, slowed only by a blowdown.
17. No problem
18. No problem, just contoured halfway up hill.
19. Up to second trail and W from trail jct. Again running alone since before 14.
20. Straight. Charlie DeWeese came in just after me from higher up and we basically ran together the rest of the race.
21. Avoiding climb again I decided to stay north and go way around. I went east of the green marsh while Charlie I think went west - same time. Passed Scott Turner just before the control.
22. The high point of the day - running through a pile of snow! Just over 6 months since the last time at Winona in May. I was trying to read the detail to know when to go up, but came to the trail anyway allowing Charlie and Scott to catch me. Splits from here on are Charlie's as I pushed the wrong button.
23. No way was I going up. Trail to south was really nasty with rocks under leaves. Charlie fell just as I was telling myself to be really careful. Finally went down to the road, should have done it much earlier. But paid a price as I cramped up as soon as I went back in the woods thus failing to reach my only goal of finishing a long race without cramping. Scott evidently went up over and finished after us.
24. More or less straight trying to read detail. Didn't read description again and thought I was looking for a big boulder (is it a rock pile?). No problem anyway. Just ahead of Charlie.
25. Straight, but slow, trying not to cramp again.
26. Charlie right behind me at control.
F. Charlie takes off while I jog in. Didn't get my finish time, so it is approximate. No significant mistakes except for a couple of route choice possibilities. What a lovely day to run.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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