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Race Evaluation

Blue Hills: Traverse


1. Bad map reading
trail, over hill, next hill, left of swamp, saw lots of big rocks, did not pay attention to contour picture, went right of hill, saw pack and corrected
2. Did not read control description
left trail, between hills, found lower rock first, saw guy with ponytail ahead on trail
3. Did not read control description
left trail, Grant just behind, found east cliff first. Grant goes further north but sees me punch. Think there are other people behind but did not look back
4. Bad distance judgement
With Grant, pulled up short at first
5. trail, should have stayed in forest. Grant pulls ahead
6. thru forest to third east/west trail, then field on other side of road; Grant had pulled away leaving 4, but I end up ahead on the trail run to the road. Grant pulls ahead again on the hill climb after the field. Fence, trail east, trail west, cut down below green, catch up to Grant and guy with pony tail, both of which had pulled up short and were looking around; I attack thru the reentrant and up to the control after being pushed downhill by the (unmapped) green, and am surprised to see Ross coming up the hill, who gets their first
7. unmapped green, 4 of us together
8. they pull away on the trail run. Seem to remember catching Ernst at this opint. As the trail cuts south, I go thru forest to stay more on line. They seem to keep going south. Hit other trail and see no one. Attack off bend, stream valley, saddle, rocky valley, by hill, reentrant. See Ross I think when I'm in the saddle, but don't see him before or after I punch. Finally all alone, basically, and I run my best leg. Figure to be in second by a touch at this point.
9. Hit stone wall, take left trail, attack thru the bland valley off big trail bend. See Ross, Ernst, and Grant come in from the other side.
10. With Ernst, confused by the switchover (could not find #10 on the map), pack run until I figure it out. Ross seems to go lower, we are on the high trail. I get in the lead and attack just before wall junct.
11. Me, Ross, Ernst, and Grant all into the aid station basically together, or maybe Ross was in here ahead of us.
12. See the guy with the ponytail in here, but he seems to be heading away. Firgure he is in second.
13. Grant and I boom left, Ross booms right. Ernst seems spot on.
14. Confused parallel features
Ross seems to be well ahead on the road run, then Grant, then me, then Ernst. I cut in too early (off the second rather than third trail junct, and lose my place)
16. Disturbed by others
Saw rock, but still went a bit too far north. Corrected fairly well; with Ernst. Grant went a bit farther north before seeing us coming out.
18. Ahead of the pack just barely. Ross is long gone
19. Grant passes me on hill climb. Attack off fence thing. See Ross, looks like he is relocating. Punch with Grant and Ross
20. Falling behind Grant and Ross (literally)
21. Lacked concentration
Brain sort of blows a fuse. Not sure which trail I'm on. Take west safety bearing and collect up at the blue fingery swamp then straighish up the hill and attack thru the hill/slash green saddle. Not a bad route for me all things considered, but too much hesitation and poor execution. Pack gone. Think my brain is bonking a bit
22. Trail to rocks and up. See Ernst on hillside.
23. Lacked confidence
South trail around. Too lasy to drop to road as it is more lines down. Trail is crappy. Control looks to be vague. Careful on attack and still boom. Relocate off trail and follow Ernst back in. Lose one place here.
24. Trail junct, wall. Not seeing contours well at all. Think the map printing is weak or something, seemed that way the whole second half. Jogging it in at this point.
F. Thanks to Jeff and all the organizers.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:25

Split Analysis

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