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Race Evaluation

Blue Hills: Traverse


1. Left around pond, followed Bob Dangel. Just ahead of someone who tripped on the single-file bridge.
2. Left, finally established contact with map as those in front of me slipped away.
3. Left.
4. Lost the train of those in front. Got confused ticking features off along the way.
5. Used the trail.
6. Bad route choice
W to the ride, tried to take 2nd left, but the 1st left was not there. Overshot the 2nd left, met back up with it. With Scott Turner and Charlie. At the Y-junction with the road, Scott went right, I went left, Charlie behind me. Instead of going off-path between the green hills, I went up the 2nd trail to the right (I think) and found JJ's "manky paths". Eventually slogged through the regrowth down into the trough, passing next to the L-shaped cliff and in. No one in sight for quite a while. Drat, drat, and double-drat.
7. Down the reentrant and over.
8. Confused parallel features
Failed to execute my plan of going straight when the brush bordering the path was thorny. Changed to go mostly on paths, left of the line. At the right-bend, begain crossing rocky reentrants, but got confused. Pete Bundschuh caught me in my confusion.
9. Ran too fast
Read map too late
Around to the right behind Pete. I got ahead on the NE-SW trail, and overran the control thinking it was in the big reentrant near the ride.
10. Left the control going SW (duh). Trail to 10, cut in at wall jct, found 13 first, then to 10.
11. Visited 11 3 times. Once to punch, get my photo taken, split my watch, and have a drink. Returned immediately to get another drink and pop a Succeed! cap.
14. From 13 to 14, saw others behind me near 12. I went just N of 12, aiming to hit #11 1 more time to grab another drink and take a Gu. From 11, took the trail to just L of the line, near the group of boulders, crossed the street and around the spur and in.
15. I expected the straight-line approach to be quite overgrown, so I went slowly arcing up, S, toward the road. On trails, but didn't notice that I could have gone faster by taking the 2nd right, after the swamp. Took the 1st right, and attacked from the T-jct just outside the circle. Others there included Dean Sturtevant.
16. Right around the pond. Lots of confusing depressions inside the circle, I'm glad we had a search party.
17. Followed.
18. Down spur to trail, passed those in front who went in too early. Stayed on the trail longer, saw the flag from the trail and punched first. Didn't see Dean after this leg.
19. Up the reentrant to the SW to the NW trail, in from the jct.
20. Confused. Followed another.
21. Still following, up to the peak. At the 6-way jct, NW to just E of the North line, then contoured up past the water tower, and to the ski slope. At the slope, I left the guy I had followed, never to see him again, running down the slope to the trail and in. I had used this trail on a previous traverse to gain time on a group I was with.
22. Trail to the jct, up a few contours to the trail jog, then in. Didn't like the leaf-covered rocks combined with fatigue.
23. Did not like map
Yikes. I've been very confused in the area of #23 before. Went around, saw the shack, but couldn't fix its position on the blurry map, dropped to the street, up the trail E of the flag, counted spurs and wandered a tiny bit before I noticed I was 10m away from the flag.
24. Read map too late
Out to the trail, encountered another guy who was with me to the end. Straight to the trail bend, then straight toward the knoll. I thought the control was to the S side of the wall if it were extended, so I investigated the wrong area a bit before returning to the wall and re-reading the map.
25. Straight.
26. The other guy hit the road too far E; I went closer to the intersection, was bolder with traffic and crossed first. I reached the flag 1st, mainly navigating by buffalo tracks.
F. Other guy pulled in front of me, but at the last junction, he stopped to read his map while I went left, fast. He soon blew past and finished comfortably ahead of me.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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