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Race Evaluation

Blue Hills: Traverse


1. Trying to hang on, followed Steve Tarry around left and past the cemetery, up the new road - I basically had only the vaguest idea of where I was. Peter and Deb Humiston passed me on the way.
2. Around the hill on the right, Peter, Deb and Bob Lux receding in the distance.
3. Running as fast as I can and losing lots of ground. Misread which trail we were on for a while. Lost the gang by the time we got there.
4. Scott Turner and others passed me.
5. Behind Scott and Sam Levitin and a few others.
6. Behind Scott and Sam Levitin. Right to the power line. looking for the second trail. Went by the one I thought might be it, but it didn't cross. Ended up slogging through the woods and picking up the proper trail. Just before the road, Scott went right, Sam left. I went left behind Sam. After a bit he headed right up the first green hill and I figured I wouldn;t see him again. Through the saddle, below the cliffs. Phil Bricker and Scott showed up from the right.
7. Having trouble picking my way down through the rocks. Those guys got away, and we got too low. I looked at the circle and headed for the SE cliff, instead of reading the clue and going for the NW one! As I went back up saw Ken Walker heading down.
8. The crowd went along the straight line, and I was having trouble with the footing. Dropped down to the trail, which was better. Left the trail at the sharp bend behind Scott. Saw Phil across the stream heading up, 150m ahead. On the hill 100 m short saw Bob Dangel looking frustrated and told him to keep going.
9. Around the hill on trails all the way. Scott was way ahead, in and out of sight. Took a hard fall.
10. Pretty much straight to the road. Caught up to Scott again, and followed within about 50 m. or so.
11. Saw George Walker heading back to 12, probably 2 minutes or so ahead of me.
12. Punched after I ate cookies at 11, which probably explains why I had the fastest time on 12. Anyway, I had seen the flag at 12 on my way from 10 to 11, so it was pretty easy. Caught up to Scott a lot on this leg, as he went a little by.
13. Not much of a feature, but I could see the flag almost all the way.
14. Jeff Shapiro and Bob Dangel passed me on the right, and quickly got out of sight. Caught up to within 50 m. of them and Scott along the road. They went a little too far left going down to the cliff, so I caught up at the control.
15. Following Scott, the other two a little farther ahead.
16. Scott went right of the pond, I went left, and then stopped to pee. Surprised to catch up to Bob D. on the road, as he had been pretty far ahead. Led Bob into the control. As I stopped to take off a shoe and get a stone out, Jeff came in from the other side.
17. Lost about 45 seconds with the shoe, so they were gone. Walked to the control.
18. Nobody in sight, down the steep hill and along the trail. Climbed a little too early and had to contour.
19. Slogged up the hill enough left of the line to pick up the trail heading WNW. The spur was higher than I thought, and I fumbled a bit.
20. Basically walking. I got a little too high. I saw Scott leaving the control, maybe 2 minutes ahead. Tony Federer showed up from below and got there about the same time.
21. Climbed too much getting out and got behind Tony. Went on trails around to the right, all the way down to near the parking lot by the road. Tony was pulling away. I could see Scott ahead as we got near the control.
22. Lost both those guys for a while, then picked them up again on the trail. Tony led to the trail junction beyond the control, Scott went up earlier, and I was between. We all got there together. Could see Jeff leaving the control and heading up and over.
23. Down to the lower trail. Sure wish I had gone all the way to the road. Trail was nasty and I took a hard fall, wrenching my knee. Walked mostly after that. Tony got down on the road for a while, but I persisted on the nasty trail. Got to the trail beyond the control and backtracked a bit.
24. Behind Tony and losing ground. Pretty straight.
25. Losing more ground. Figured Tony knew what he was doing, as it seemed farther than I was expecting.
26. Behind Tony.
F. Told Tony to suck it up and run hard, but he was cramping and not feeling like it.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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