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Race Evaluation

Blue Hills: Traverse


1. +01:30Wrong way around the pond. Confused by unmarked large road.
2. +00:20Stayed on the path for too long before veering right. Time is an estimate - I forgot to press the split until a bit after punching.
3. Estimate - see above.
4. A bit annoyed about passing people I should be ahead of already.
5. +00:20Followed Ken Walker Sr. too high up on the contours.
6. +00:20Crossed the road on the same route as Peter. Then went too high on the hill above the control. Peter went lower and beat me to the control. Then again, I saw JJ for the first time since control #1.
8. Didn't like the forest and therefore dropped down to the paths. JJ went through the forest. He commented after the race that we migt both have chosen the best route based on orienteering skill and running speed.
9. Waited quite a while before starting to contour (because of Jeff's warning before the start.) JJ went higher up, but took longer. I attacked from the path, maybe that made the difference.
10. +00:30Thought the manned control was going to be right by the road, so I got confused. Got stuck on the path that had a bit of climb - would have been a bad idea to relocate back to the road again. Didn't find a good attackpoint either.
11. Dan lead the pack but didn't read the control description.
13. Went 20 m too far to the left and stopped to look around. JJ & Co. found the rock and I had to backtrack.
14. +00:10Led everybody astray on the left side, but only by 15m or so.
15. +00:15Led the pack - careful not to get miss like on 13.
16. Climbed the hill to the road a bit late. Ended up too far to the right. Should have stuck with the others.
17. Just followed the pack to this one.
18. Ran like a maniac down the hill because I had heard it's a CSU tradition. A good split.
19. Went around on the right. Probably about the same climb, but easier navigation.
20. Started feeling my calves cram p up.
21. +04:00Stretched against a tree. Then got lost in the green. Stretched some more on the way. Got way to the right and had to ask Dan where we were.
22. +00:30On path almost to junction. Cut up too late and ended up on other trail. Saw JJ and someone else leaving as we hit the trail. Peter made the same mistake and we climbed up together.
23. +02:00Went low. William is probably right - high would have been better. Stopped to stretch again.
24. +02:00Poor route choice. Down to stone wall and back up/in.
25. +00:30A bit discouraged at this point. Saw Peter leaving as I approached.
26. +00:30Didn't notice the green and had to backtrack.
F. +00:30Slow - still cramping up.

Total Time Lost - 00:13:25

Split Analysis

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