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Race Evaluation

Blue Hills: Traverse


1. Right around the pond, then had no idea what was going on with the new bulldozed road, and wound up all the way over by the cemetery, then came in on the pipeline. At this point I was very far back in the back, behind some pretty slow people.
2. Left.
3. Left.
5. Through the woods.
6. Through the woods, just right of the line, and picked up trail thatmakes a Y where it hits the road. Crossed the road, came in on the trail that heads back to the line for a little way, then diagonalled up the hill. Caught the trail going up the hill, but that turned out to be a mess of manky little trails going through ugly vegetation. Came back down the hill on the other side, crossed the marsh under the cliff, and came down the reentrant, which was vey green.
8. Through the woods, jjust left of the line, basically, and caught the trail a little before the sharp right bend. Straight up from there.
9. A little right to pick up trail, followed it to the stone wall right after the depression, and contoured around from there.
10. Ran the road a while until traffic cleared, then crossed and went up about where the stone wall is.
11. Mostly through the woods.
13. Man, what a dinky rock! Was there really even a rock there?
14. A bunch of us left the road a smidge late and got to the bottom of the cliffs a bit too far left.
16. Left around pond, staying close to water, bad footing, then turned at the purple line and went straight in.
19. Straight.
20. A big crowd in here, but some of them were cramping.
21. Went NW to the larger trail, hit it at the bend. Jim Pugh and Dan Walker were ahead of me, but at the bottom of the hill they inexplicably turned right, while I went straight. Left at the next bend, cut the corner across the marsh, then NW to the second trail junction and started contouring/climbing. Hit the road, went up a little way, then came down the ski trail just past the control.
22. Trail to the point where I saw Gary Williams heading up, and I figured he probably knew what he was doing. He did.
23. Back down to the trail, and took it until I could see pavement, then got onto the good running. Timmy Reif continued running the trail for a little bit, until he realized how much extra work it was. Left the road just before the right bend, and went up the reentrant. Almost walked right past the flag, but Adam Rudner spotted it.
24. Straight, attacked from stone wall.
F. Glad to have nobody in sight ahead or behind, so I didn't have to think about sprinting.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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