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Race Evaluation

2016 US Two-Day Classic Championships and Sprint Relay: Sunday - Green X


1. P D P R After yesterday, started cautiously, over stonewall, stayed high until end of wall in view, the dropped right in.
2. P D P R Trails (pausing to read/verify map at junctions, still hesitant), attack from wall corner, ran up the hill right in on bearing. Nothing 'left' about it...
3. P D P R +00:15Down trail to junction, pause to read, then pretty much straight from there, came up slightly low and climbed.
4. P D P R Just R of line to avoid walls
5. P D P R Below first cliff, then up through rocks keeping green to L
6. P D P R +00:30Slightly L of line to get best wall crossings and avoid deadfall, wound up swinging around lower cliff and climbing an extra line
7. P D R +00:30Fairly straight, checking features, but somehow wound up on south edge of circle, saw wall end S and cam back
8. P D P R +05:00Caught Phil at 7, started to execute a main trail option, wasn't energetic enough to close gap and overtake, then elected to go straight instead. Bad move. Slow climbing, blueberry in white woods and got got a bit R of line and slowed by green. Middle half of leg more walking than running... Post mortem review suggests two different routes that likely would have been much faster, both predominantly trails.
9. P D P R Caught Phil again, went below cliffs and up.
10. P D R +00:20Didn't like the looks of blotchy green on map, or vegetation viewable in that direction, so swung wide L in relatively runnable forest, dropping into rentrant just N of flag, but ground looked like a substantial trail, so assumed I overshot until I noticed Phil come in assumed punch. Later start = major herd path. Doh!
11. P D R +01:00Planned to go L up to bigger trail, but succumbed to train mode and followed Phil and another on the downhill trail to R instead. Realized partway I didn't want to run with them, nor drop that much elevation, so diverged L into woods, regaining upper trail near bend. Gorgeous downhill in fast woods, the between the streams. Spike, should have gone L out of control
12. P D P R Short and careful, ahead of Phil for good
13. P D P R The trail run, not much left in tank, but put it all out there. Must have sounded like hell, as people were stepping aside to let me past...
F. P D P R And down the chute..

Total Time Lost - 00:07:35

Split Analysis

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