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Race Evaluation

2016 US Two-Day Classic Championships and Sprint Relay: Saturday - Green X


1. D P slow, hesitant and quite left of line
2. P D P R Ok
3. D R departed control too far left, down wrong rentrant before correction
4. D R again with the left upon leaving control - sloppy map alignment? Wonky compass? And again after crossing trail..
5. D R no surprise upon review left again... then trails and clean to finish..
6. P R left again, though this time it was mostly my intention to avoid rock/cliffs near control, but perhaps not quite that wide to left
7. P P this one about as planned, around hill, but a bit of confusion on trail
8. D P R my big error - plan was to cross marsh at distinct dot knoll, misread and crossed early - yup, to the left... floundered far too long checking various small rentrant and apparently in the circle twice before relocating on trail.
9. P D P R shaken from 8 - cautious and amazingly enough, straight
10. P D P R considered trail wide, but went straight, crappy slow footing in first half, trail would have been better. Execution of route was fine.
11. P D P R after slow going on 10, I elected to avoid marsh, barberry and stony ground and go wide right. Executed fine, but probably not fastest option.
12. P D P R plan was to skirt upper margin of barberry and drop, executed fine.
13. P P saw green hatch on hill, quickly decided trail around. Pulled up and stopped when arena area taped off - out of bounds? Brain too fried to realize the tape was to keep non- runners out of terrain, not runners out of arena... oops.. ran to final control up through finish, though I intentionally did not go through the tent/chute until after the go control.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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