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Race Evaluation

NEOC - Mt. Tom: All 18 - Optimum Route


1. +08:00Includes 6 (which went ok - 7:21 - just hard to get myself up the hill), 7 where I lost some time being too high - 5:28, and 8 (8:35) where I wandered back and forth across the slope, not thinking to drop down to the stream, where it actually was.
2. 15 Up the trail, N of the hill with the cliff through the green, above the reentrant and across the slope. Not fast, but accurate.
3. More or less straight to 18. Slow climbing. checked off knoll and cliffs on the way, looking for reentrant and hitting it right on.
4. 17 - along the line to the reentrant facing SW, then down and across the spur and up the right reentrant, maybe a bit higher than I expected, but no trouble. Saw George in the vicinity, going apparently toward 18.
5. +07:0014 - Seemed easy, and I was checking off things along the way and got to where I thought it should be but nothing. Then wandered a bit, unable to relocate. Bounced off the hill on the N edge of the circle a few times because it was so much bigger on the ground than I was expecting. Finally saw Pavi when I was off to the E and she said it was behind her, so I fumbled around and found it.
6. +15:0016 - Up the streambed looking for the fork in the reentrant but not finding it. Then climbing for a while, then heading E until I was pretty sure I was on a cliff near the stream 150M NE, then back SW and up a reentrant that looked promising but not finding it. Not sure where that was, as I couldn't find anything on the map that looked like it and still can't. Then back to the NE, finally relocating off stream bend 150M NNE and right in.
7. 13- This went kind of ok, except it was much further than I thought, and I was beginning to think I had missed the trail. Hit trail where it bends S and right in from there.
8. +01:3012- Got a little high on the slope, which cost time climbing back down, but navigation ok.
9. Got 6& 7 earlier
10. Got 6& 7 earlier
11. 11 - Headed W to trail which may not have been the best plan. Lots of green. Navigation fine.
12. 10 - Plan was trail jct, right side of marsh and along line of hills and cliffs, but kept drifting downhill despite best efforts, finally hitting trail two lines below the control near the green area. So trail from there. Just a long slog.
13. 9 - Downhill, aiming enough right to hit the stream above the control and follow it down
14. 5 - contouring, climbing a little, checking compass. Hit trail at bend and in on compass from streamlet. Fine.
15. 4 - Down the stream. Easy except for the footing. Feet really hurting by now and starting to cramp.
16. 3 - Just a long slog
17. 2 - One of the better legs. On compass and reading contours to hit near saddle and straight up and in.
18. +04:00Not sure what happened here. On the line to rocky knoll 1/2 way, then left up reentrant and around, coming to likely looking cliff on a knoll, but not the right one, and wandered for a bit, getting too low to the NE and obviously not having gone far enough.
F. limping in. Sore feet, tired and hungry, cramping.

Total Time Lost - 00:35:30

Split Analysis

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