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Race Evaluation

NEOC - Mt. Tom: All 18 - Optimum Route


1. Started off fast, through the parking lot.
2. +00:30Hesitant; drifted too far to the right and attacked from the lower of the two little cliffs.
3. Sluggish up the hill; around the green, then attacked via the two parallel cliffs.
4. +00:15Hesitant; my route was fine, if a little low in the target reentrant
5. +00:15Hesitant
6. Slow moving up the spur.
7. Attacked via the spur with cliffs just south of the stream; over the hill.
8. Ran into Ross coming from 7 (he went clockwise) and stayed with him into the control.
9. To the road, down the reentrant, below the two little cliffs.
10. +01:00Attacked too low; hit the trail at the big boulder and ran past the bank of cliffs east of the control.
11. Up the reentrant to the west to the trail. Sluggish moving up the hill.
12. Straight.
13. I actually went to control 9 (10-9-5); I blasted down the ridge from 10 to the stream, then followed it. Rocky footing, but fast.
14. (Control 5) NE to the trail.
15. Down the stream.
16. +00:30Sluggish.
17. Straight.
18. +03:00Route via the spur with the rock wall, but failed to go far enough to the east after descending the spur.
F. Sliced my hand open coming from control 1, but ran in. Maybe 15 seconds lost to surprise at the hand.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:30

Split Analysis

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