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Race Evaluation

Blue Hills Traverse: Traverse


1. All alone going right on the trail after the initial marsh crossing. Slipped going down the final trail on wet rocks covered by wet leaves. Slow route but nice.
2. +07:00Good route until the final approach when I saw a stream of people coming down the slope. Thought they must be leaving the control - WRONG! Went up and wandered back and forth before I finally looked down and saw it where I had initially been.
3. R on trail, along E-W trail to junction and then through woods to wall. Slowish compared to along indistinct trail probably but didn't see it.
5. +01:00Through woods to pipeline, along to bend and in. Better to have gone back to trail along road.
6. +00:30Trail to right of line. Briefly cut down trail too early but caught it quickly when things didn't look right.
8. Trails to road to curve and in, following Jeff Shapiro. Saw a lot of him.
9. Back out to road, cut through maintenance parking to trail.
10. L on trails and along contour alomost getting run down by Alex! Punched just after Ken
11. Followed Ken a bit through green but he was heading away from bag so cut R through green to trail, crossed through more green and then down slope trying to hit next trail but hit stream - and directly across from knoll!
12. Up trail, down trail to R, through marsh, up and in.
13. Trails and contour over right into bag.
14. Ran by Jeff way low still looking for 13 and in generous mood;-} Down to line of cliffs but not obvious which was N one then saw it.
15. Straight to N-S trail, around to second bend and in.
16. Trails around to just before saddle, around hill to bag.
17. Trails to R to last junction, by water tank and then saw bag on R. Thought it would be further L.
18. +00:30Couldn't make out map but climbed up slope until even with rocky ground on left side of slope and in to cliff just off slope - nothing but saw bag way down rock field.
F. As no one near, slowly worked way down muddy slope to finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:09:00

Split Analysis

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