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Race Evaluation

Blue Hills Traverse: Traverse


1. Got a good line at the beginning to get past the marsh then spent the rest of the leg being passed by people. Left out to the road, trails from the road junction.
2. Right of the line (far more than I needed to), was doing okay near the end, but my thumb (or brain) slipped, and I navigated as if I were in the reentrant NE of the control, when I was actually in the one N of the control (which is where I intended to to be). Wandered around in a haze with a lot of other people for a while. I eventually figured out where we were and led a pack to the control.
3. Indistinct trail by the highway, missed the control a bit to the right. Was with Alex and Vanessa for a while starting with this leg.
5. Trail left of the line, spaced out at the junction, thinking I was already down where the control was.
6. Trails right of the line. Alex and Vanessa got far enough ahead on the trail run that I didn't see them after I left the control.
7. Left of the line, not sure if I like that route or not.
8. Mike Lyons reeled me in on this one.
9. Mike pulled away, despite my gaining back a smidge with a better route through the buildings.
10. Not a great route, I think. Took the winding trail to the top of the hill, then at the last junction I contoured instead of following the trail, for a better attack.
11. Straight, drifted a bit right and saw a few people headed up the trail (never saw any of them again).
12. Up and over, which may have been inferior to going around the hill. I did manage to pull away from a guy who passed me at the top of the hill by running downhill through the woods instead of taking the trails.
14. Took it slowly, but blew it anyway. Hard to read the faint map printing, and I wasn't expect the cliff to be so close to the stream. Wandered on the hillside for a couple of minutes.
15. Straight.
16. Opposite problem from #14, the cliff was higher of and furter from the stream that I expected. No time loss, but I had to climb up to it.
17. Trails around to the right. Hesitated at the end because the cliffs were much more extensive than the map indicated.
18. Minor hesitation on the edge of the ski trail, trying to figure out what the heck I was supposed to be looking for.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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