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Race Evaluation

NEOC Hale Reservation: Blue


2. The first of many route choice legs. I went left, partially because I mistook one of the stone walls on the way for a trail.
4. Went NNE to take the trail around. Lost a little time because the target swamp appeared to be in two pieces.
5. Ugh. I chose to cross the swamp at the power line and found myself caught in a bunch of crappy stuff and had to backtrack to where the crossing was easier.
8. SSW to pick up the trail.
9. Through the start area and along the beach.
11. Strayed to the right for no good reason and had to backtrack along the trail.
13. West through swamp, south on trail, cut across nose to short EW trail, then bushwacked across to next EW-ish trail. etc.
14. Around to right, leaving trail when it cut away from the swamp. Wandered in a circle in the control area.
15. Followed trail to south, cutting NE to NS trail, then E on EW trail, N on next NS trail up through reentrant to EW trail. Coming into control area from north, went too low and lost a little time figuring out to climb up.
17. Went south & came by #18
F. Went E thinking there was a trail there. Lost a little time picking through rocks. Excellent course, Jeff!

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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