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Race Evaluation

Senior Team USA Trials: Long Blue


1. I was hesitant about taking a lot of climb on the first control but after the warm up map I didn't trust myself to navigate the hillside just yet. Missed the control and had to go back up the hill a bit.
2. Near the control I went up and over the hill on the trail so I would have a good attackpoint.
7. Went up the trail a little too far before I turned off
9. Slowed down once I got parallel with the stone walls. I saw them but didn't know how far along I was.
11. Very slow going up that last re-entrant
12. Was planning on following the top of those big cliffs between 1 and 12 but I was too far up and lost track of it. Ended up sort of wandering into the control.
13. Kind of sketchy coming down the hill. I spiked it but should have been more careful.
16. Missed the first trail on the way up and ended up at the foot of the hill which was fine. Was planning on leaving the trail when I passed the rocky ground but I missed that too and hit the big cliff so I followed that and the ridge to the control.
17. Planned on following the green slash but I didn't see it/saw something else and went off course. Hit a trail that wasn't mapped and thought I was on the mapped one for a bit. Eventually wandered to the marshy depression and went from there.
19. Again I wasn't careful enough coming down the slope. Ended up to low and had to climb back up to the boulder.
21. Too high coming around the hill and missed the right re-entrant. I saw the stone wall and realized I messed up. Should have taken the trail that goes over the top of the hill. Not too much extra climb and a good attackpoint.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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