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Race Evaluation

DVOA Mt. Penn - Antietam: Red


2. +03:00No real attack, just reading vague round hill. Missed R, but was wandering a bit. Saw road bed. Eventually realized was near depression W of control, then reattacked quickly and badly, noticed what I did, and recovered...
3. +00:20Hestitant exitting 2, and a little loopy to the L near the end of leg.
4. Fairly straight.
5. First time I've hit a bag properly in this area...
7. At the time, I though it showed up esp. quickly. Now I think this was at the NW end of the dot marsh, not the bend.
8. +00:05Found rootstock, then punch.
9. A little left of line, looped in on indistinct trails.
10. Thank you Ron for letting us run trails on this rough hillside. Pushed a little bit low on attack by laurel.
11. Slow traverse exit, then up to and along big trail until bend just E of due S of control. What did Tom do?
12. Down and stuck to trail until righ below bag.
13. 25 min/km. What crappy rock, esp. down the back of the ridge, which I hit just S of the line... No issues at all finding the bag. I think I just hit a really, really bad spot of rocks to go down.
14. Jeep track to road. Looks comparable
15. Bag was still there when I went through.
16. Drifted low so missed trail junc. and thu shad bad attack but got lucky.
18. Exitted 17 badly. Was going to go strightish, but forest was really bad, so I ended up turn hard L to road.
F. I've got to get my foot stronger before sprinting on trails is easy.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:25

Split Analysis

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