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Race Evaluation

DVOA Mt. Penn - Antietam: Red

Tom O

1. Dove into the green 3X till I found it. I think I was within 25 ft or so initially and looked high instead of low. A bogus control.
2. A little right but could see the form line saddle quite clearly.
4. Took the trail to the left to avoid climb. Then up the hill through the white woods. Came out right at the rocky reentrant but couldn't see the (well hidden) control. Martin led me in to it.
7. A bit tentative. Picking up the streams from the trail and then thru the white woods to the control. Seemed to be in the right place to me.
9. Very slow on the climb. Follow a bearing from the tower. Catch Martin and he leads me into the control (again - thanks Martin)
11. Up to the trail, then took 1st trail on left to drop to the lower trail. Could see the control clearly from the trail.
12. Lower trail.
13. Really dragging up the hill. Aimed a little right, picked up the rootstock. Martin is just ahead.
14. Took the trail and road. In retrospect, a suboptimal route choice. Martin went straight and lost me for good.
15. Too tentative here. Ended up a little high.
17. Tripped on a vine midway to the control, landed on my head. Ouch.
F. Nice downhill run in!

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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