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Race Evaluation

Hudson Highlander:


1. Bad route choice
Went around the hilltop to the right to save climb. Didn't save much climb, but I added distance and went through more green. Perhaps a bigger factor was that I was by myself, and not pushing to keep up with the crowd. By the time I rejoined the crowd, I was with people who I really thought I should be way ahead of. Maybe this was good, as it kept me from burning myself out too fast at the beginning, but Peter's assessment was, "You're an idiot".
3. Left a little to trail by lake, the peeled off and went up the streambed and through the white corridor.
4. Leaving the control, I saw Phil Bricker coming up from the reentrant, and walking right past the control, so I called back, "Phil, turn around!"
5. Back up to the small trail, up the hill, cut the corner to pick up the other trail, across the ride, and in just in time to see Henderson, Nietupski, and Tryson leaving. Time includes maybe a minute resting before KotM leg.
6. +02:30Started off good, but this was the first time I tried running fast, and my digestive system went into distress. Had to stop for a couple of minutes in the middle of the leg.
7. Left road right after tower, and went along right edge of ridgetop.
9. I think I spent a minute or so drinking after punching to start this leg.
10. Passed a couple of people on the descent.
11. Stopped again for a minute in the middle of this leg, but caught a gang of people anyway (Peggy, Charlie, Eagleton, and Karen Williams, who all went too high, and Pavlina who I had passed at the aid station and she caught back up.
12. Out ahead of the crowd.
13. Drifted low (to the right), but knew where I was -- a crowd of others appeared to be climbing up one big spur too soon.
14. Bad compass work
Had to dump out my shoe at the start of this leg, which allowed everybody to catch up. I also went a hair too far and off to the right approaching the control; knew where I was, but didn't get to the control too elegantly.
15. Back in the lead, with Alan Young, who showed up from somewhere.
16. Still out front with Alan.
17. Dropping Alan, can hardly see anybody behind me.
18. Ran off blindly, found a trail that looked way too small to be the big trail on the map (to the right), but I assumed it was, and everything worked. What happened? Was that really the trail?
20. Confused parallel features
Includes drinking time. Headed left around the hill, with Rick DeWitt and Misha Lipatov nearby. We were about even when we poppoed out of the laurel, but I mistook the indistinct marsh to the left for the crossable marsh to the right, and turned the wrong way. Wondered where those guys were going, and felt pretty dumb when I figured it out.
21. Bad compass work
Probably could have had a cleaner line to the control here -- first drifted right, the overcorrected, and went through too much crud near the control.
22. +01:00Around to the left through the marsh, which I knew was decent running. Had to stop and dump out my shoe before goign up the hill.
23. Could see Rick up ahead, and we caught Ross Smith, who I amost couldn't recognize because he was looking so wiped. ("Hey, who are you, and what are you doing in Ross's clothes?") Passed him, as he didn't seem to be able to run at all.
24. Could see Brad Whitmore up ahead.
25. Around hill to the left, the up the reentrant to catch the faint trail, which was inexplicably streamered. Ran into Brad again as I was approaching the control.
26. Bad route choice
Bad choice. Brad went back to the trail, and came back through the marsh (I guess). I went straight, but blew it and wound up to the right of the second marsh, so I just went out to the road. When I got there, I found Ross, who had perked up and was now stroking. (He took the smart choice: the "wrong" way out of the control to the road, then up onto Lake Welch Drive, for a road run the whole way.) Right behind him was Tim Good, who I was able to get away from, but I couldn't keep up with Ross. Approaching the control, Ross was coming out, right on the heels of Brad.

Total Time Lost - 00:17:00

Split Analysis

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