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Race Evaluation

Hudson Highlander:


1. drop my 'finger' heading up trail (thank you to whoever stuffed it back into my hand) almost straight with Glen Brake (Glen and I agree to proceed together) and Peter Goodwin
3. a little left of straight just to the right of the large marsh. Susan deWitt and others are behind.
4. Paul Regan, coming SW accross hillside, hollers to see if I had found 3.
5. to road, spur, trail, in
6. left of huge boulder and cliffs - thought we had lost Paul who went right, but not quite
7. powerline, saddle and straight in
8. +00:10gave my wife a little kiss
10. thought we had gotten lost behind them, but there is Peter Goodwin and Paul Regan waiting at the map exchange
11. +04:00long look (why do I want to do the short loop?), Eddie Bergeron heads out on fourth loop, mostly contour following Peter and Paul
12. contour to cliffs
13. right of cliff lines with Susan
14. saw Peter leaving control
16. +02:00hesitant at reentrant but lead Susan in
17. tell Glen that I am through 'running' for the day - right knee I-ligiment is hurting again this year
18. +02:00Paul, Susan and others make the same mistake we did (wrong trail) and save us much of the climb back
20. carefully up reentrant, over to left fork of trail, along reentrant to line of boulders up to spur 200m NE of control
21. angle through stone walls to road
22. +08:00trail NE then NW to marsh, over to wall to hilltop (Glen loses his 'finger' here - I guess we are going to need to tie these things on too) island hop to control
23. split marshes, and again
25. +03:00aim for trail through green, I am left, Glen is right, he finds streamers - very hesitant here
26. road around (clearly better if I could run it) found shortcut trail ahead of tunnel
F. Thank you Paul B. and your crew for a great event and your man in charge of the weather is top notch.

Total Time Lost - 00:19:10

Split Analysis

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