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Race Evaluation

Hudson Highlander: Highlander


1. Pretty much followed the crowd to water tower, follow pipeline. I crossed to road when close. At end, just went up the nose and basically followed the line. Stopped in the circle -- looked right to see cadets punching.
2. up, just behind Rick & Susie
3. To right of line, eventually following Rick & Susie up the thick reentrant, around rocks at top to control.
4. Started up steep trail, then decided to cut south to trails. Was doubting my decision until I ran into Rick & Susie who had gone higher to pick up the trail. We parted when they followed the trail down the cliff and I cut the corner. Didn't see them for a while. The first person I saw on the trail run was Eddie B, looking good.
5. Basically SSE to the trail. Charlie, Christina, Tim G. and I followed them to 5.
6. Ugh. Christina & Tim went high, Charlie went low and I followed him. For some reason, when he cut up I didn't like the climb and contoured around to the road. Lost mucho time and saw Rick & Susie at the aid station.
7. Last I saw of Rick & Susie was them starting the trail run. I amused myself on the run by guessing Thierry's finishing time and wondering whether I would see him finish. I guessed 2:45. As I was coming down to #7, Rick & Susie were coming up and said I just missed him. Drat.
8. Bounced off the round up to watertower, then straight. The whole map seemed Escherish to me -- was I going up the whole loop?
9. straight, used rocky hill to guide me to the knoll.
10. Not optimal -- contoured around the hill, Saw a big boulder near a nose. Checked it out. Nope. Guessed it was the boulder pair 150m E of the control. Lucky guess.
11. Just S of line, following reentrant, then using the cliff across from the control to guide me in.
12. Mostly straight, used the green reentrant to put me up on the area. Saw a rock/knoll just in front of me and as I was about to check it out, I saw the flag on something I'm surprised anyone bothered mapping.
13. Straight. Tripped & fell on the way (I have *got* to learn how to run & read a map at the same time while on tricky ground.)
14. Straight. Didn't notice the water, otherwise I would have partaken. This may have affected me later.
15. As I was leaving #14, ran into David Onkst who was going to #12 and had wandered a bit off course. It wen just left of the line through some thick stuff, used the rock face on the other side to guide me in.
16. Left of the line, found myself beating through some really thick stuff. Went by the shelter and picked up the trail behind it. Left it after the yellow/gray and followed made my way to the boulder field, where the big ones were easy to spot.
17. via #9
18. passed slightly below, hit the next rocky line and climbed up to a big rock just east of it. No joy. Then looked around and saw the flag 25m away.
19. Followed power line, staying S of it after junction.
20. Jeff S. advised me to avoid the crap on the line and suggested going to the right. So I did, passing by #26 and was wondering where the stone wall near it was until I realized that it was supposed to be a trail.
21. Lost mucho time. Not only was I slow, but incompetent. Went around the left of the big hill, then when I hit the rocky ground N of the control I thought the control should have been at the nose. Being confused, I headed N then E to find a trail bend which I thought was the one to the E of the control. Fortunately I met up with Dave & Barb, and Barb knew what she was doing.
22. Fairly straightforward.
23. Another ugh. N. When I got to the trail I decided to follow it, then cut NW at the top. I saw the bottom of ski lifts and totally misinterpreted where I was and thought I was at the bottom, so I cut SW instead of NW. Saw cadets who informed me they were at the trail junction (triangle). They followed the trial, I tried to follow a bearing to the control (picking up David O again) and found myself by the big reentrant to the W of the control. Fought through brush to control.
24. Just to the left of the line (David went higher to the left.) I stepped on a tippy rock that launched me into more rocks. Fortunately my left thigh took the brunt, but I was walking after that. As I was approaching the control, I saw David O come in from the right (wtf?)
25. SW to trail, then followed trail around hillside. My intention was to follow the trail most of the way, but when it started going up again, I took a rest, and then changed my plan and went more or less straight from there.
26. Since I was going so slow, I decided to see how close I could follow the line. I did pretty well.
F. A leisurely stroll back.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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