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Race Evaluation

Hudson Highlander: Highlander


1. Joe B and I stood still for a few moments at the new water tank, mistaking the pipeline ride for the power line, and confused as to where the trail was. Left of the line for the last part.
3. Pretty straight, getting up high on the final large spur as early as I could, which worked well.
4. Fantastic views from Island Pond Mountain, what a great way to spend the day! Right of the line, taking the small trail that goes around the SW end of Surebridge Swamp, then through Times Square, and cut off to contour to the control.
5. Probably too far to the right leaving the control, then took the trail up to the marsh on the left and cut right to the control.
6. Contoured nicely, right on the line, and picked up the trail at the top of the steep reentrant.
7. With a few people early on, then they faded and I was behind Jeff Saeger for most of the trail run. One person appeared out of the woods, appearing to have taken a shortcut around the marsh N of Greenwood mine, but I can't imagine that was a savings. Jeff missed the turn after crossing the power line, and encountered Vla on his way back. I was already on my way up the pipeline trail, and they caught up, plus Alison soon came back from the wrong turn and joined us as well.
8. With Vlad, Alison, Stefan, and Jeff, though Vlad disappeared pretty soon.
10. More phenomenal views. Stefan, Jeff, and I got a couple of lines low, while Alison went directly to it and punched ahead of us.
12. We got slightly separated in here, though Jeff caught up when I initially went to the knoll just past the imaginary one that the control was on.
15. Slight hesitation by Alison in the circle, and Jeff and I caught up. I think Stefan was out ahead.
16. Got into some nasty green that has expanded since the map was made. Leg muscles started making pre-cramp twinges as I passed just below Fingerboard Shelter. Down through some laurel on the other side and popped out exactly where I was expecting, with the boulder just ahead around the corner.
17. With Jeff, Stefan, and Alison again.
19. Jeff seemed to fade back a bit here, and I never saw him again.
20. Just behind Alison, and the green on the way to the control didn't look too bad from the road, so I decided to go through it in order to minimize climb. Once I got into it, it was worse than it looked, but I was able to pick my way through on some deer trails. Stefan appeared just before the control, and Alison was up ahead. edit - I could have sworn I saw Ali punch just before me, but the splits say otherwise, she was 2.5 minutes back. Did she miss it and have to turn around?
21. I thought Alison was heading straight, but she later told me that she took the road. Never saw her again, so I don't know what happened. Stefan said that we should take the road because of the blueberry, and I agreed. I think he was cramping badly, and I made good time heading diagonally downhill to the road, which put me far enough ahead that I never saw him again, either, and I was basically on my own for the rest of thr course. The trail from the road was easy to spot, but the indistinct trail up to the boulder was invisible. When I got to the marsh, I knew I was too far, so I just turned left and went up the reentrant. Split analysis right now indicates that this was my biggest time loss (3 minutes), and just about the only one that can't be attributed to drinking, peeing, or getting caught in green stuff. Interesting. I guess this route wasn't as favorable as it looked, but given another chance, I'd probably still do the same thing. edit - with full splits, this came out not so bad a time loss, and I actually also time on the last two controls, where the hotshots and cadets apparently still had more energy than us old folks did.
22. Left the control a bit too far right, but corrected quickly. Across the trail and stream, above the cliffs, and into the control.
23. Too far right diagonaling up the hill, so that when I crested, it looked like I might as well go to the right around the marsh. Attacked from the trail bend near the top of the western ski slope. Apparently Jeff saw me leaving the control as he was approaching it.
24. Just straight.
25. The road looked too far, and straight a bit risky given my reduced mental capacity at that point, so I took the trail route that went somewhat to the left of the line. About halfway there Jeremy Colgan appeared, saying something about having left the trail too soon, and we were together very briefly, but he went up the stream bead while I continued up the trail. When I was approaching the reentrant, I saw Jeremy up ahead.
26. Straight.
F. 14 Highlanders! Woo!

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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