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Race Evaluation

Hudson Highlander: Highlander


1. Struggling from the start and feeling my back and right leg right away. To the water tanks, where I thought about heading down to the road, and then along pipeline, with a big group including both DeWitts. Then everybody seemed to head to the road right before the camp, while I continued straight and I was alone. Up the paved road until the end, then up the reentrant about 100 M or so until I lost patience and headed more or less straight from there. crossing below the cliffs on the big hill E of control and straight in.
2. A little noise behind me, so turned back and saw Fred Pilon and Tim Good coming up behind. Got to control with Fred.
3. Fred disappeared into the distance, as I was feeling gingerly going downhill in the rocks and not seeing too well with one contact. Idea was to go below the logged area, but got sucked up in a little slot in it and ended up fighting all the way through it, hitting the large boulder at the top. Relocated and went along the white from there, with Tim right behind me. Saw Rick DeWitt near the control.
4. Started up the indistinct trail on Island Pond Mt, but then second rise looked unpleasant so veered left and contoured over to the trail heading E down the next spur. Saw Fred there, who had missed #3 and was headed back. Trail down to the stream, then up the stremabed and across the spur eventually picking up trail segments through the area of low cliffs. Seeing Cristina up ahead in glimpses. Crossed trail run trail (seeing Tero whipping by) and trail SE until near level of control and across and in. More or less with Cristina and Tim, and a couple of cadets in the area.
5. More or less along the line to the trail, then past the hill and in on trail. In front of a group with Cristina, Tim and miscellaneous cadets.
6. Attempted to contour to the trail bend by the big hill, but drifted too low as I was stumbling over rocks and had to climb several lines back up. Lost ground to the others. Straight back out to the trail would have been much more pleasing.
7. Deadly slog. Thought I would get passed a lot, but perhaps not too many folks were back there. Really feeling my back and leg and reduced to a shuffle - wondering if I could make it.
8. Kind of a reprise of leg 1 at the start, heading up toward the water tanks, then climbed a few lines up to the top of the hill and contoured around to attack from the cliffs at the top W of the control.
9. Moving slowly, but no navigational trouble. Stayed on flatter spots and hit it right on.
10. Trail to the bend, then more or less on compass. Knoll was pretty distinctive, but seemed like it showed up earlier than I expected. Gratified it was ok. Saw a few folks wandering in the area.
11. Saw Randy apparently bailing out heading down the trail as I crossed it. Underneath the Fingerboard shelter and tents on a spur, then climbing to below the cliffs on the long spur leading to the control. R of the rocky knoll with cliffs in front and spike.
12. Couldn't seem to get moving on the right line. Drifted down and right, eventually getting into the roundish marsh 100M right of the line. Looked around for the invisible trail for a while, then headed up toward the saddle. Confidently approached the tiny rocky knoll that turns out to be just SW of control, then looked back and saw it on the imaginary dot knoll.
13. A little off on compass to the right, but saw the rocky stuff to my left and right in.
14. Straight, and then stopped for a few orange sections.
15. More or less straight, coming over the hill at the saddle and knowing I needed to go right.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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