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Race Evaluation

SLOC - Queeny County Park: Sprint


1. Through the rough open then picking up the ride (mapped as full open) to the trail.
2. Around on the lower trail.
3. Left of the building. More vegetation than mapped, but fast right along the edge of the building.
4. Around to the left.
5. Straight. Might have been faster to stay on the path since the field was very wet.
6. Around taking the road to the right.
7. Took the middle path down to the lake, then between the lakes and through the green (which wasn't too bad). Not sure why the split is so slow - seemed like I was running OK.
8. Up the trail until then through the white woods to the field and left of the house.
9. Left.
10. Straight.
11. Right of the house.
12. Took the path between the hedges.
F. Straight.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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