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Race Evaluation

Hudson Highlander:


1. follow the crowd up the trail use green and contour features. Think I was right ahead of Brad and Peter G to this one, saw someone in red or black leaving
2. straight over
3. followed plan to go slightly left and pick up right stream branch to big swamp in green and handrail on green in. No probs with this choice other than slowed by the patch of green near the swamp. Reading the map well and went right into flag ahead of T. Good and Peter G. Saw only a couple of runners on this choice.
4. Bad compass work
Missed to the right and ended in the green down the hill. Worse navigation mistake of the day.
5. +00:15Down to the trail near the rock clusters then back up and in using the boulders and the excellent visibility. Lost time on hand injury. Running with Brad and got to the flag with Peggy D.
6. +00:30Lost time at water stop dealing with injury. Brad and Pavlina (I think) and a couple others passed me. Went to right a little to avoid some green then straight up.
7. Plan was to go down powerline and left off building but ended up going right and off road bend. Caught Charlie L and Brad at this point. Ran the ridge in the excellent viz. Caught someone else at the flag.
8. Easy one between two strong handrails and catch. Just fly. Split includes time at aid station looking for a bandaid.
10. No split on the trail run. Feeling stronger than last year. Pass Brad again and have trail pretty much to myself except for one runner who I managed to stay ahead of when he got close.
11. Spent along time at the aid station eating and scoping the map. Paid off in the long run I think. Passed Peggy D at the swamp. Used the big reentrant and the following big cliff and went right in with no probs running ahead of Brad and T. Good.
12. Loving the excellent viz just went right up and in. Finally figured out that mapped rockface was really stony ground. Didn't see any other runners now.
13. Went left counting cliff faces. Right looks like better choice but I was worried that the navigation would be harder. Saw someone (I think in red) looking for the bag as I was leaving.
14. Straigt over picking up small cliffs in the stream bed.
15. Lacked confidence
Straight over picking up the small knolls. Not sure if I heard or saw "red" behind me. A little tenative attacking the circle due to the green and lack of confidence.
16. Bad route choice
Bad compass work
Used the line clearing as catching/attack and went over the hill. Came down a little right.
17. Cliff faces, swamp, then up and over spur rather than around. Was fading a bit. Could see the bag from a mile away after picking up the closer set of cliff faces. Hadn't seen a soul for a long time. Should have contoured?
18. Straight at it using cliffs and reentrant as handrail. Saw R. Smith in the reentrant or on the trail I think.
20. +02:00Rest and drink. Saw Sandy at the trail run aid station. Went left of the mountain. Saw someone else take the trail. Plan was to come off strong reentrant but wandered low and picked up cliffs and small clearings, then ran spur/ridge using swamp. I think I was a bit lucky to pick up those strong features after wandering off plan.
21. Hit road at the fork then road run. Was running straight thru white better?
22. From the walls/stream bed area decided to go left around hill thru green along swamp. Green was thicker than the amazon. Should have gone over the hill thru the relative white and eaten a couple of contours.
23. Did not like map
Swamp, trail, small knoll clearing then look for a finger. Got there and finger looked wrong size but saw the flag and John F. sitting there.
24. No prob with this visibility. John F. with me.
25. Did not like map
Was feeling pretty good still. Cut across and picked up trail NE of the green. Did not like map at trail bend and hesitated, eventually recognizing small thicket. Saw another runner going opposite way on trail and one following me.
26. Did not check features en route
Took a chance
Bad map reading
Trail and road both looked too long, although I really wanted a trail run at this point. Went along green swamp and was fine until rocky/patch green area. Could not pick up second swamp on either side so bailed to the road and attacked off of clearing.
27. Look for the tunnel.
F. This was alot of fun! Thanks all, especially the weather director :-) Felt pretty good the whole race, both physically and mentally and was very happy with the run overall. 11th place. Sign me up for next year!

Total Time Lost - 00:07:30

Split Analysis

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